How much does your breakfast routine cost?

  • 26 September 2017
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Most of us use a kettle at least once a day, and there are always a lot of other energy-using morning rituals we go through. We shower, we may put the washing machine on, and we definitely make sure our phones are charged for the day.

If you’re lucky, you might cook up a nice fry-up too (the one that I care about most).

But how much energy do our morning rituals actually take? You’d think it would be tiny amount (and therefore a tiny cost), but over a year, they can add up to a hefty sum and this isn’t good if your provider is emitting carbon, like the Big 6.

Our team has undertaken research into how much energy and cost some of our morning rituals could amount to. We’ve looked at Pure Planet versus the Big 6: We’ve compared our prices to them before (and you can make a nice saving), and below are some results for everyday morning activities. Some pretty big numbers*:

Average Big 6 cost
(per year)
Pure Planet cost
(per year)
What you can save

Charging an iPhone

Watching an hour of TV (per day)

Making 3 cups of tea

Charging a laptop

Blow-drying your hair

Making bacon and eggs

Ironing for 20 minutes

Tumble dryer for 30 mins

Three rounds of toast

Using a dishwasher

Energy admin charge


Are these numbers a shock to you? I had no idea a hairdryer would be so expensive! Any kind of appliance that uses heat will use a more energy too.

On the other hand, charging a phone is quite low, don't you think?

Even if you disregard the costs in this table though (where we come out as cheaper), the carbon emission with the big 6 is huge - close to tonne a year*** before you’ve even left the house. If you’re with Pure Planet though, any carbon you emit will be 100% offset. You’ll save money every morning and you’ll feel good doing it. Win win.

Are there any morning rituals you do that aren't on this list?

The Sun has written up our findings on their website and a snippet of the printed story is below.

*Annual costs are based on 7 days a week for 365 days a year.
**Total includes daily standing charge:
- Average Big 6 = £0.20
- Pure Planet = £0.33
***Based on Co2 value of Scottish Power Scottish Power 0.46 kg/kwh (
All Big 6 rates are based on Standard Variable Rate tariffs.
Click here for ratings for electrical items

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