Co-founder interview - The rise of the energy independents

  • 21 September 2017
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Hi everyone,

Just a quick one - One of our Co-Founders, Steven Day, has just been interviewed over at the Environment Journal about the rise of new energy companies and affordable renewables. Take a look at the full interview.

Here’s a snippet:

“How can smaller firms promote the use of renewable energy?
The first thing they can do is make it affordable, as we have at Pure Planet. There are several companies offering renewables now, but some of them charge a premium.

We all want a world in which we don’t have energy companies treating the atmosphere like an open sewer, but to help people choose another way the driver must be price. That means getting rid of the misconception that green energy costs more than brown. It doesn’t, and there’s no reason why people should have to pay more for it.

The other thing that energy companies can do better is to show their customers where their energy comes from. We’re working on being able to show our members the provenance of their energy. Once people see that they can either effectively fill their homes with clean, fresh sunshine, or some mucky fossil-based power instead, the case for renewables will be even stronger”

What do you think of the interview? Do you agree with Steven’s words on the government's proposed energy price gap? Let me know what you think below.


1 reply

It is an interesting take on things.

I feel the government is wasting time pushing for a cap. A higher tax on dirty fuels with the proceeds going towards renewable investment driving the brown price up and green price down would be far more effective.