Ask Andrew Anything - got a question for our Pure Planet co-founder and CEO? Now’s your chance

  • 9 August 2019
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Hi all

This month we’re running an Ask Andrew Anything community Q&A - a chance for Pure Planet Members to quiz our chief exec and co-founder Andrew Ralston.

Feel free to ask Andrew (pretty much!) anything you want about Pure Planet, renewable energy, the energy business, what makes him tick, or what he had for breakfast. As long as it doesn’t reveal anything of a confidential nature, Andrew will give it his best shot!

This is the second Pure Planet Community Q&A that Andrew’s taken part in. Last summer we had some fantastic questions from our Members, covering renewable energy, our ambition to make Britain’s power 100% renewable, and our commitment to using business to do good for our customers, the environment, and the Pure Planet team.

The way community Q&As work is that we open a thread for questions, close it after a week or so, and then publish a new post with all the replies.

So over to you! Post your questions in the replies to this thread and Andrew will answer them in the next fortnight or so.

BTW it’s okay to ask more than one question! :)

8 replies

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Hi Andrew
What are Pure Planet planning to do with electric cars? Some suppliers are giving customers cheaper prices for charging a car at night. Is this something you could offer?
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Hello Andrew.

In order to maintain the PP ethos and encouage people to install power generation tec at their home address, will you be signing upto the new and in my opinion improved SEG payment system even if as a company you dont have the required customer base for it to be compulsory.
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Hi Andrew,
Apologies if you were asked this last year but I wanted to ask about the gas supply. My understanding is that the gas purchased is the standard gas but offset 100% (please correct me if I'm wrong). What I wanted to know is does PP plan to move towards more sustainable gas supplies, such as Biomethane?
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Afternoon Andrew 👋

​If you could step into somebody else’s shoes 👞👞for one day, whose would you choose and why?
When do you intend to fit smart meters
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Question 2.

Could you possibly explain in simple terms how the buying of energy works, most people know its purchased in 30 min blocks but dont know about the whole sine curve element which determines what you actually pay each day.
Also who and how regulates to ensure you buy what you actually use and dont under or over purchase.
Hi everyone
Thanks for getting stuck in and asking these great questions! :foldedhands:
I'm closing this post and once Andrew's gone through all of these, we'll create a new post all your replies.
Hi @eskimo @Jon1 @Bev @NannyOgg @John cassidy
Thanks for taking the time to post your questions to Andrew.
Check out the replies in this post. 🆙