Are you one of the 66%?

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Are you one of the 66% we’re talking about in our new advert? 20 million energy customers are on the standard variable rate tariff with their energy provider. That’s 20 million people paying, on average, over £200 a year more than they need to for their energy.

Don’t get left on a rip-off rate when you can enjoy cheaper, cleaner energy. Pure Planet gives you fresh, clean energy for less than power that pollutes. We have one tariff for all members so you’ll always be on our best rate. We charge a low monthly membership fee and pass all your energy across at the price we pay for it. No mark-up. You pay what we pay.

So what’s stopping you from switching to a better deal? Here are some switching myths...

Worried the power will go off when you switch?
It doesn’t happen. Your energy’s always on. You stay connected to the grid.

Think it’s all too much hassle?
It takes around 60 seconds. No paperwork. Just download our app, get a quote, then tap in a few quick details and we’ll take care of the rest.

Don’t want to tell your old supplier you’re leaving?
You don’t have to. We take care of that as part of your switch. They’ll simply ask you for a meter reading on your last day with with so they can produce your final bill.

Are there any other switching myths you can share? We’d love to hear them.
If you’ve switched already, tell us how it went!

See more info on standard variable tariffs here.

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