April 2021 Pure Planet Community highlights and points round-up

April 2021 Pure Planet Community highlights and points round-up
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Welcome to the latest edition of the Pure Planet Community monthly highlights and points round-up.

This month, April. The end of Winter, the showers, and even a bit of snow. The start of summer, the beginning of the end of a long lockdown.

Firstly, all of us at Pure Planet’s virtual HQ - we are all working mostly remotely, from home and abroad with some of the team overseas - send everyone our best wishes. 

I hope that you’re doing well, under the circumstances. We’re slowly taking some cautious steps back to ‘normal’ with yours truly venturing into the office for the first time since last November. The plants have seen better days, but it was heartwarming to hear some office sounds - the tapping of keyboards, a boiling kettle.

Have you ventured out yet? Some community Members shared their first post-lockdown adventures as restrictions were lifted at last. It looks like @25 quid  managed not one, but two public houses on his first day of freedom! @G4RHL  was able to see some family for the first time in months.

Last month we celebrated the fantastic news that the new US president Joe Biden has committed to taking action on climate change. The headline news kicked off a very interesting debate here in the Pure Planet Community about whether aiming for ‘net zero’ carbon emissions is, in fact, enough to prevent lots of suffering and damage due to global warming. 

The re-focusing of the world’s attention on climate change coincided with Google releasing some really fascinating time lapse videos of how landscapes have dramatically changed in the last three decades, plus climate change campaigner Great Thunberg presented a new TV series which is amazing, and scary, so definitely check it out. 

And @Hetfelle  suggested we could do more to plant trees to offset carbon emissions. If anyone is up for trying this out - and I mean who’d like to work with PP on a local project such as this, do let me know. We think it’s a great idea.

April 2021 was the month that our community celebrated 50,000 registered Members, which is a wonderful milestone. @Rds261189  shared some positive news about his energy set-up and @NannyOgg  shared a gorgeous pic of her puppy making a splash! 

The winner of the community photo competition for April, which had a mystery challenge theme, is @StuartB  for this wonderfully wacky photo of an octopus statue. As winner he’s chosen the subject for the May photo comp - ‘Patterns’. Good luck!

StuartB’s April photo winner!


A big thanks to those Community Members who took part in some testing of new EV related app pages we’re working on. A shout out to @woz  @myauntie @Mark Pocock @Ohit @Angelabikerbabe for giving up your time. And an equal massive thanks to others who offered - alas we couldn’t include everyone, but there’s more testing planned soon.

And here at Pure Planet we published our latest wholesale energy blog which, unfortunately, explains how the price of electricity has risen by 61% and gas is up 56% over the last year. So anyone coming off a fixed tariff soon and wondering why the new tariff offer is higher… it’s worth having a read.

We also released an update to the PP app and web account which had some handy bug fixes, but was mostly laying some foundations for a few new features coming next. Speaking of which…...


Looking ahead to what’s coming up in May and beyond

This could be one of our busiest months for some time.

Firstly, we’re close to launching our first ever Pure Planet prepay, or pay as you go tariff, called Smart PAYG. Watch this space….

And we’ve just announced very exciting news about a technology partnership with bp which is going to mean lots of exciting improvements to the Pure Planet app, related to smart homes and EVs. We’re running a community Q&A with our head of new products so feel free to jump in and ask him anything! 

With the recent easing of lockdown restrictions we’ve managed to (finally!) install the three smart thermostats in the homes of Pure Planet Members, so we’re looking forward to hearing more about how that goes. 

We’re also hoping to start a smart meters pilot with community members who’ve got storage heaters, and there’s probably room for more, so check out this post if you’re interested. 

Finally, and most importantly, a massive welcome to @Mads  who has just joined as our newest Pure Planet Community Manager! :hugging:


Pure Planet Community points for April 2021

Each month we say thanks to those who contribute to our community by asking and answering questions and participating in discussions on all things related to Pure Planet and renewable energy, and just generally keeping the community safe and fun.

Here's a quick guide to how the Pure Planet community points work which includes how much points are worth, guidance on how to earn points (without giving away our top secret formula!) and when you’ll be able to redeem your points.

Band One - 1,500 points: @Bev @Angelabikerbabe @25 quid @woz @Strutt G @myauntie @Duppy @Gwyndy @stephenrand 

Band Two - 1,000 points: @Scubaseahorse @G4RHL @LUCKY JO @NannyOgg @MrSmart @Daspy @Rds261189 @David j @Mark Pocock @Hetfelle @LorraineD @schase @Ohit 

Band Three - 500 points: @LeslieAv @alcorn63 @Iwillariseandgothere @DJGShef @Dnj62 @Lucia @Beadjoux @Membernew @holland @shan 50 @ellymoo @Weiwei @Scott7168 @SRA14 

Band Four - 200 points: @Mkbcab @Sandrakiki21 @Chrissyph1 @onefive95 @Greenfuture @Jowl @Safaridave @ncro @Johnxholland @stmadoes @Mal4660 @dannoiam @Paula147 @moreati @Iulian @53 Road @Batfink 

Band Five - 100 points: @Suzibear79 @Matt88 @PennyPenfound @Jonno971 @Pep1 @MatthewSatts @Rinossett @Angliaman @Andrei Dm @Cook12 @alpár @IanWa @Colin confused @nigelm @afrapp32 @T Stanski @VJ123 @Ibs @Dishmonkey @S Hawkes @HelandStu 

That’s it for the April community round-up. Thanks for checking it out. :relaxed:

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Another fantastic round-up @Marc . It's unbelievable how much happens in 1 month! 

P.s. thanks for the points. 👍

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Thanks our Marc, perfect summary as always 👏👏👏

Thanks our Marc, perfect summary as always 👏👏👏

Hey @Bev what about a comment about the lady with the finger?!!!! (only teasing) :laughing:

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Busy, busy, busy. 

Thanks for the roundup guys, and for the points.

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Thanks our Marc, perfect summary as always 👏👏👏

Hey @Bev what about a comment about the lady with the finger?!!!! (only teasing) :laughing:

LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I was tempted, definitely 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🚭😉👍

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Busy, busy, busy. 


And I bet I can guess why, our busy Scubes! Polling station prep, getting ready to count 👍🗳️🗳️🗳️🗳️

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Scubes   LOL

That is all….(I won’t mention fagash Lil)

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Our Marc mentioned Dot 🚬, our Wozeeta, she’s not going anywhere is she 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Great roundup our @Marc 

I love @Hetfelle’s idea of planting a more trees scheme. I wonder too if we could push for more wildflower growing in public spaces to encourage more bees and other pollinating creatures.

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Thankyou NannyOgg.

Leaving the verges to grow in the spring and summer instead of cutting them every few weeks would greatly benefit the insect wildlife population and us. Just mowing a thin strip around the edge would keep it looking contained.

We continue to live in the past where 'weeds' are bad and nicely shorn grass looks 'neat and tidy'  and 'pleasing to the eye'.

We are now more educated about the great importance of wild flowers and their pollinators, so should act upon it and stop wasting time.

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Thanks for the points 👉👈👇☝️