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An update on Direct Debits and Payment Plans

An update on Direct Debits and Payment Plans
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Hi everyone, 

I just wanted to let you all know that the last Direct Debits have now been taken by Pure Planet. From now on, your Direct Debits will be taken by Shell Energy. We’ve safely transferred across everyone’s payment details so there’s nothing you need to do — payment will be taken automatically. Shell Energy has advised us that they will try to keep your payment date the same, or as close to the previous date as possible. 

They’ll be in touch to confirm your payment date ahead of your first payment to them.

I owe Pure Planet for energy used before the transfer

If you owe Pure Planet any money for the energy you used up to 23:59 on 16 October 2021, you can make a payment quickly and easily in your Pure Planet app. Head to the ‘Balance & Payments’ section, then tap ‘Manage balance’ where you can make a secure card payment. 

You can also get in touch with our team, if you prefer. Tap ‘Help’ in your account and let us know you need some support from us. We can help you make a payment.

I have a payment plan set up with Pure Planet

If you already have a payment plan set up with us, payments will no longer be taken automatically via Direct Debit. Please get in touch with our team who will be able to help you make payments in a different way. Or, visit your Pure Planet app where you can make a secure card payment following the instructions above.

How do I get help and support?

You can still get in touch with Pure Planet as normal (through ‘help’ > ‘ask a question’) for any questions about your energy supply up to and including 16 October. For any questions about your energy supply after 17 October, you can get in touch with Shell Energy directly. 

Update: 10 January 2022

We are aware that some of our former Members had Direct Debit payments taken by Pure Planet up to 7 January 2022. Payments were taken where a payment was pending but not yet complete. 

As before, any payment made to Pure Planet goes towards clearing any debt you may have with us, or will be transferred across to Shell Energy as credit.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

If you have any questions, let’s chat about them in the replies below.

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Thank you @AlexHep  for the update. 

Any idea when our credits will be transferred?(I doubt you know but least worth asking) 

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Thanks for that info @AlexHep 

Should be in the next few weeks @Lapa!

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I am getting really nervous about budgeting as have no idea how much my shell direct debits will be.  I have credit with Pureplanet which i hope will cover the first bill.

I am hoping i applied to sheel in time for warm home discount .  but getting in a state and not turning heating up when i should.

Do we know when shell will tell us how much our monthly bill will be please?  I couldnt find anything on their updates website

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Im in the same boat @Yukkaplant. I contacted them Wednesday to see if they can tell me the cost of the bill so I can work how much I need to set aside as I obviously know how much credit I have so I could work it out. But no luck. I was just told it shouldn’t be much longer. Though I was told that they wouldn’t be chasing   Payments for 90 days for the first invoice as they know it’s a big bill. So that’s reassuring. 

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Are you not able to work out the cost yourself? It is not difficult. Give it a go!

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Lapa.. thank you for sharing I am sorry you are worried about budget too

G$RHL - thank you for taking the time to comment!
However If I could work it out myself, and didn't find it difficult I wouldn't be posting asking for info and expressing worry and anxiety about budgeting and unknown bills.  

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If you post your meter readings here,  and if known your unit rates and standing charge, some helpful member will work it out for you

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@Yukkaplant I fully understand and was about to say the same as @Duppy !

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Thank you both.

I am really fed up with being cold.. but also have huge fear of getting into debt as my health /disability prevents me working so its all just a bit too much at the moment. 

I dont know what my unit rates and charges are on shell.. it was a very wordy long email not really designed for those of us who struggle with cognitive function. 

I know i am in credit with pureplanet and that moves over.. but then i would be in credit as ive been paying them but using shells fuel and shell havent caught up.. 

each year we rely on warm home discount as broader group due to disability and i filled in forms, have confirmation shell recieved them but no confirmation we are getting the money. 

I am cold and its affecting other health stuff..i know anxiety is getting the better of me, but thats the nature of the beast  and i should just turn heating up and deal with it later. But debt scares me now i can no longer do extra work or any work to earn money. 

Meter readings

Oct 17th  - jan 5th
electric  1128
gas 174


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@Yukkaplant Don’t worry we can help. A little more info is needed:

  1. What part of the country you live in - this governs your charges? For example I am Northern and for this area the rate per kWh for gas is 3.954p with a standing charge of 26.11p per day and electric it is 20.207 p and the standing charge 26.46p per day. What we are all charged does vary around the country.
  2. The last meter readings you have with PP for gas and electric. You should have had a bill from them which will show what they used. Assuming you have the Pure Planet app on your phone you can get it from there. Make sure it is the final reading.
  3. The current meter readings.

From there a number of us can work out an estimate of your bill to date for you. I am about to go out so it may not be me.

The unknown can cause concern but often there is no need, it’s just that it’s unknown! From how Shell have handled things thus far, and indeed Pure Planet, I am certain there will be plenty of support to help you if the current costs provide difficulties.


This highlights something PP could do, although now perhaps late in the day. I am sure it could set up a page where a member sends in the readings and PP estimates the bill. It would help those who are concerned when no bills have come in for three months.

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Thank you  i appreciae this.. i used to have a functioning brain but not anymore so numbers and letters swirl. 

1  I live in the South west, (wiltshire)

2.   I cant take a reading today as its not accessible to me.
The units used between last pure planet meter reading on october 17th and january 5th are as follows. 
 electric  1128
gas 174

I know that there are many of us in the chronic illness disabled community who are really concerned about rising costs everywhere - Food, fuel, care costs (its not free even if on income support), taxis .  I had a job I loved and when money is squeezed further it just adds to the grief of not being able to work in any form..  

I fully recognise i am being ambushed by anxiety ut its been a crazy world on top of normal stuff. I am really struggling to turn the heating up as trying to avoid debt and that just isnt helping… i have family that will bail me out and would be horrified but again its the not knowing. 

I think PP have been pretty good.. and am going to miss them as it was so easy to get answers and info and feel sad so many jobs lost.  Shell have a mammoth task but it feels very slow .. i think if it had been summer it would have been so much less intimidating but the cold emphasisies not knowing. 

thank you 

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I can't find the tariff rates for your area, so I have used the rates for my area 

Electric 21.995p,  S/C 23.5 p per day 

Gas 4 066p, kWh  S/C 26.11 p per day.


1128 kWh electric X 21.995p = 248.10

95 days @ 23.5p = 22.33 

174 m3 gas converted to 1946.49 kWh

1946.49 X 4.066  = 79.14

95 days@ 26.12p = 24 80

Total  £371.42.

It won't be exact but near enough. Hope it helps.

I am assuming that the gas is in m3 units

Are you sure about the gas consumption, I've just checked and used 500 m3 since 27 October, so 174 seems very low

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Apologies it's only 75 days not 95, so will be will be £9.92 less 

Amended total £361.50

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@Duppy @Yukkaplant Thanks @Duppy 

I dug around and found the tariff for the area (I found a post code for Wiltshire and used that!)

Felixible 6 tariff is 

Electricity: 20.680; standing charge: 24.11

Gas: 4.169; standing charge 26.11

Thus an estimate based on the figures can be fine tuned a little more to:

Electricity: 1128 x 20.680/100 = £223.27. Standing charge 75 x 24.11/100 = £18.08

Total electric: £241.35

Gas: 1946.49 x 4.169/100 = £81.15. Standing charge 75 x 26.11/100 = £19.58

Total gas: £100.73

Overall total £342.08 for the period up to 5th January.

As @Duppy says the gas figure seems low but perhaps you only use gas for cooking?

I hope the figures help.


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Thank you both 


I will check Gas numbers tmrw..highly likely I have made an error.. but as I said have been reluctant to put heating on. Gas is heating, water and hob so it didn't seem right as I typed it.


So far so good though.. think the pure planet money will cover a lot of that. 


Thank you hugely. 

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I posted Shell tariff details here a while back if you need them.

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@Yukkaplant I am pleased you now have some idea what to expect and it is within budget at present. Worrying about the unknown, the what ifs in life, can be worse.  I am sitting with a credit of over £600 in Pure Planet and an expected bill any day now of around £350 from 17/10/21 to 01/01/‘22.

I await the big day when all is transferred to Shell. I note their app is out of action today due to site maintenance. They must be filling in potholes!

Hindsight is wonderful, but perhaps a simple service in these pages to estimate a member’s awaited bill would have been good. As said before, a bit late in the day now.

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I am in complete agreement it would have been really useful to be given approx budgets it's been a long run of unknown.

Then all the news saying prices shooting up and the uncertainty of warm home discount.  I still don't see logic in paying in march when it's to help with winter.. in an ideal world it would be agreed in advance.


I do however feel more comfortable knowing that my pp winter direct debit is a bug chunk of bill. Just have to continue to budget the winter rate rather than look forward to summer rate.


Thank you

So brilliant to see the help you’ve received from everyone here @Yukkaplant - thanks for posting! I hope that’s reassured you - this may be a nice read for energy saving tips too: