Using a switch company has pros and cons

  • 3 January 2019
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I stand to be corrected on some of my points. I have only used a switching company once and that was back in the day when there was far less choice and long established companies so switching had far less turmoil. We now have a changing and a fragmented market with energy companies having inflows and outflows of customers which is hard to managage. Customers using switching sites just want an easy process, however it's no longer straight need to understand the company you are switching to and this I believe is a failure in the process. Switching sites need fees on mass! I have pondered on this only since joining PP after seeing the posts and frustrations. I use my own spread sheet calculations which in effect is what a switching site does. That said I found switching a little more stressful than I would of liked, but that was down to my previous supplier. In essence you cannot rely on others and must do your own research before switching suppliers and look at the offer. PP's offer is clear which includes the terms, the process, the FAQ's and the frustrations via the's all there....PP is not for all and really do have to spend a little more time for this clean energy company because it's not just about saving money. Sorry I've gone on too long and just one more point if you think I'm on the payroll, my friend was interested, but I said if you have'nt got the time to discuss your account with your current phoned based provider then currently PP may
not be for you at this moment in time.

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