Switching Problem

  • 12 February 2018
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My old supplier blocked the switching of my electricity supply and it took so long to resolve as they wouldn't respond to my e-mails and I couldn't find a window to stay on hold on the phone to speak to someone as the phone queues were always so long. Last week I finally had an opportunity to sit on the phone for an hour and a half and I finally spoke to someone who resolved the problem.
I have received an e-mail from Pure Planet today saying (after two attempts to switch) that you will now not take over my electricity supply - but that you will continue to switch the gas.
I want a supplier for both and as the blockage problem is now resolved is there any way you can try again?
Please advise best course of action?

8 replies

Hi @Fuzzy thanks for posting in the community. Great to hear you've switched your gas supply to us. It's no problem to have another go at switching your electricity. I understand from the team that you're already chatting to them via the app? Happy to chat here too 👍
Thanks for you help with this issue - I've now received confirmation that gas and electricity should be transferred together.
Thanks for you help with this issue - I've now received confirmation that gas and electricity should be transferred together.

Excellent news!
Unbelievably - I have just received an e-mail from Iresa (my current provider) that they have blocked the transfer again.
Having spoken to them last time they assured me they would not block the request again - and yet it seems they have.
I will speak to them tomorrow and try to work out why they keep doing this.
Can you please confirm where that leaves us with the transfer from your end - can you try again?
I have been advised that Iresa have not yet taken the payment I authorised to them last Friday so they are still flagging my account up as being in debt!!
They know I have authorised the payment - they know I specifically asked them to ensure there would be no problem with the transfer request and yet here we are. So frustrating in these modern times where switching supplier is supposed to be a one click operation.
I can only apologise again and confirm i am trying to speak to them (I was 70th in the holding queue this morning!! I didn't have the time to hold so I will try again later).
Hi @Fuzzy sounds like you're having a tricky time with your old supplier. And that call centre - 70th in the queue?! - sounds like a nightmare. When you've got an answer out of them let us know.
Hi Marc,

I have been trying repeatedly to contact my current supplier Iresa since the last communication and have now had confirmation that they have taken the payment I authorised over two weeks ago and hence the electricity account will no longer be blocked.

Can you please please please try one more time and I can finally be rid of this supplier who have the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

Best Regards
Hi @Fuzzy
Good morning and happy Friday. Hope it's not too cold where you are. It's ❄️ here
I've flagged this with the team and they're going to have another go