Switched completed today but can't add meter readings

  • 5 October 2020
  • 5 replies

I’m a little worried as I haven’t been asked to submit meter readings and my switch to Pure Planet completed today. When I try to add meter readings it just says it’s too early? Any ideas why?

5 replies

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You're talking to fellow PP customers on this forum, and as such we don't have access to customers accounts. But we will help if we can.

Is the countdown on your app saying switch day today? 

If it is definitely today, you can send your readings and photos via wattbot:

if you go to the app and click on the
☰ menu at the top, then click on help, then ask Wattbot, 

Then you need to type in 'message the team' .

It will then offer you a few options of faq, if none apply - then click on the box that says 'message the team',

Then wait until you see the reply from Wattbot saying 'OK, I've passed our conversation to the team. Anything to add? Send it below and the team will see it.'

You can then type in your message, readings  and photos, then send it

If you come online and are able to send readings via the app, then i would do that also

Thank you.


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hi @bethp 

can you check your emails/spam etc to see if you had an email asking for your opening readings, I’m wondering if you missed it.

Your meter numbers may not be reconciled to the account yet, so you may get a mail asking for photos of the meters, in fact if you’re going to use wattbot ad Angela suggests you could add photos of the meters showing the serial (and readings), it can’t hurt.

Yes, checked spam but no sign. I’ll add images to wattbot. Thanks for your help

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the email asking for readings usually arrives 2 or 3 days before the switch date-(just in case that helps).