Switch not progressing

  • 5 January 2021
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I started my switch in October 2020, but it still says ‘account being set up’ why is this? and how long will it take?

4 replies

Hi @benb2021,

Welcome to the community. Sounds like something’s gone wrong. Have a check of this other thread for ideas: 

If you’ve not got and responded to a welcome email that might be where it stalled…

Give us more details to see if we can help. More ideas here:


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There isn’t much background in your post so it’s hard to advise…

for starters:

Are PP taking the direct debit? 

Have you been able to submit any readings?

Have you been asked for readings?

Have you had any emails? (check spam etc.)

Hey @benb2021 I’ve just replied to your DM! Our Member services team emailed you in October last year asking for more info. Electricity meter number doesn’t look correct.

I love a happy explanation.