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  • 17 September 2018
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Just in the off chance someone from pure planet reads this:
I joined around a month ago and expected PP to start my gas/electric account after 17 days.
To date I’ve heard nothing after sending pics of my meters as requested. The bot thing doesn’t listen to the question being asked.
My contract with EDF has ended and now I’m paying their standard rate as I presumed the switch over to PP would have taken place. So I’m now unsure what’s going to happen now, having no one to be able to contact from this company is crazy, does anyone know if they even have an email address?
Thanks in advance

8 replies

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Hello logan.
Have you made a payment to PP? If you have this implies the switch has been completed. Your old supplier will take upto 6 weeks to close your old acct with them.
Hi @Logan
Welcome to the community
I've flagged this up with our Member services team.
It looks like there was an issue with your meter on the national database, and we emailed you on 15 August asking for photos of your meter.
As the team have not had a reply, they're unable to switch you.
If this email doesn't ring any bells, could you check your spam folder (also the 'promotions' folder if you're a Gmail user)?
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hi @Marc
In the event of issues which prevent a switch and where you've sent out an email but not had a response within say 2 or 3 days, perhaps it should be followed up with a phone call?
I'm only suggesting this because Logan through no fault of his own seems to have fallen through all the gaps (although he says he has sent you photos but perhaps not in response to your email).

and @Logan you probably didn't realise that you were only getting auto responses from wattbot, you need to type "message the team" for your query to make it through to a human (or at least to a PP employee) (that was a joke).

I'm not sure how you cure this but it should perhaps be more obvious in the app that one has to take an extra step to have the query read

One more thing,and I may be wrong, but because you've applied to switch from EDF they MAY?? not be able to increase your prices if there's a delay in the switch, but it's a bit unclear (to me) in this case because it sounds like PP have delayed the switch, but I'm not even clear on that.
The top and bottom of this is it's certainly worth arguing your case with EDF that they can't increase the rates because you gave them notice that you were switching away to avoid the higher rates.
Have a look HERE
Hi and thanks for your replies.
And Marc yes I got the email asking for pics and I did send them so I don’t know why you didn’t receive them.
I’ve just retrieved the email and sent you the meter supply numbers, the email was sent but doesn’t appear in my sent folder so if it’s ok with you I’ll give you my supply numbers here also just to be double sure.
Electric 5006P02860
Gas S/N 002535800746
One final thing I had a new gas meter fitted last year and my currant supplier EDF seem to still have my old supply number on my bill so I’m going to phone them right now in case this causes a problem for you.

- - - Updated - - -

I should have phoned EDF before posting so just to update, they did have my old gas meter number so it’s now been updated and will take 3-4 days to go into the system.
Good morning @Logan
That'll be the issue - your old gas meter number
Once it has been updated by EDF you'll be able to switch 🆙
Marc will I have to start the process of switching again? Or will you automatically be able to pick up from the last one?
Start a new switch @Logan
But make sure EDF have updated the national database with the correct meter number
Marc will I have to start the process of switching again? Or will you automatically be able to pick up from the last one?
Ok will do thanks