Pure Planet have registered my neighbours meters not mine!

  • 9 August 2019
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I am having a hard time with the switch to Pure Planet.
I thought I made the switch on 25th of June and have been paying PP since then.

I presumed every thing was going well as the direct debit was set up and active and I has received a final bill from my supplier Shell. But today my neighbour and landlady asked me if I am with Pure Planet as her meter has been linked to a pure planet account when she has another supplier who she is trying to switch from.

Today I also received a bill from my old supplier for supply in July.
It looks like Pure Planet have registered my neoghbour accidentally and I am paying for my neighbour and my supply old supplier. Not happy and no one to speak to.
Can anyone help.I need to speak to PP to sort this out asap.

7 replies

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Hi there
As this is your first post, welcome to the Pure Planet community! When you post here you are not talking directly to Pure Planet but to your fellow customers. But they are a helpful bunch!
Others may reply here with theories about what might have happened - but the vital thing is to understand how to communicate with Pure Planet. Unfortunately it's now Friday evening, so you probably won't get a response until Monday earliest, but you need to open the app, go to the three little bars top right hand corner, select Help, then choose Wattbot, put 'message the team' in the question box and then explain the problem. They promise to get back to you within one or two working days.

Hope you get it sorted quickly
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Hi Handelport
It's happened because the meter database says that meter (not your meter) is registered at your address.I'm guessing it was some sort of previous property conversion and that meter was originally registered to the address and the meter database needs updating?

When you communicate via wattbot (type "message the team") it will probably be helpful if you can supply PP with a photo of your meter(s) showing the meter serial. You can attach photos in wattbot.
Also make sure PP have your exact address including any flat no's or suffixes.etc.
It might also be prudent to check on one of your old bills that the meter serial numbers match the ones on the meter(s), I'm fairly sure they will I think it's a case of postcode / address matching to the original meter not the new one.
Also check your emails, PP may have already requested a photo of the meter.
I already sent PP photos of the meter with my meter readings they have clearly got confused as you say due to the fact that the neighbours house was built recently and has become 4a.

Can PP please confirm that this has been resolved my neighbour is not happy!
Hi @HanDelPort

Looks like you've been chatting with Ed from our Member Services team - we have an FAQ all about 'erroneous transfers' which may help in this case 🆙

The team are in the process of sending the incorrect supply back and re-registering your correct supply.

Nice one @stephenrand and @woz for helping out :raisinghands:

Hi I am a new customer and really fed up, as pure planet has changed my neighbours energy and not mine!

Pure Frustration is not being able to contact anyone, and feel awful for my neighbour who has been dragged into this and is spending hours on their phone to reconnect to her original supplier.

This Would be ok if I could contact someone, but its all computerised and not registering. Very fed up...

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Welcome, I'm assuming that you live in a flat,this situation has cropped up from time to time.

If you are able to log into your account ( not the community, we have no access to account information ), click on the three bars top right - go to help and support, in the subject box first type message the team, then explain the situation, and attach a photo of the correct meter showing the serial number and the reading. Then persist through the few bot replies until it says your message has been passed to the team. Replies are not instant, usually within 3 working days. You should receive an SMS when the team have replied.


Hey @greenplanet 

Really sorry to hear about the situation with your switch - it sounds like what’s known in the energy industry as an ‘erroneous transfer’. Don’t worry - there’s a process in place across all energy suppliers, to get this sorted for you (and your neighbour!). You can read all about that in our FAQs here.

@Duppy’s advice on how to get in touch so we can get this sorted for you is spot on.:thumbsup: