Pure Planet £25 Amazon voucher referrals

Hi I have recommended a friend but didn't understand the recommend a friend link so we both could get the Amazon voucher..is it to late or is there anyways to reclaim it?

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Are you enjoying saving money on clean energy with Pure Planet? You can invite others to join PP and both of you will earn £25.

On the homepage of your account, tap on the 'Refer friends earn £25' moon, or choose 'Refer friends' from the main menu.

This opens a page which will allow you to share or copy your unique sharing code. You can send this to friends and family by email, SMS (text message), Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

If they switch, we’ll know it’s you who introduced them. And we’ll give you both £25 once they're on supply with us.

It’s not just the money they save or the rewards you both earn. There’s another really big difference this small step makes - every switch to Pure Planet saves on average 4 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.:raisinghands:

You can introduce as many friends as you like (please do!) and about two days after the friend switches their energy to Pure Planet, you’ll both earn a reward.

After the new member has finished their switch and we’ve collected the first payment, you'll be sent an email with the option to "get my reward". Just tap that and enter the email address or mobile number you'd like the reward to be sent to.

You can keep track of your rewards through our app or at purepla.net. There are some rules - the most important being to only introduce people you know. Please don’t share your code in a way that others might see as ‘spam’ or ‘junk mail’.

I was referred by a friend but I’ve not received my reward

Remember that your "get my reward" option is emailed to you up to two days after your switch date - that’s two days after the day you come on supply with Pure Planet.

If you don’t receive the email, open WattBot in your account, and type 'Where is my voucher'. Watt will take some info from you - your friend's name and address, and your friend's unique referral code. This info will then be handed to our team to check out.

Any questions? Let's chat about them in the replies. :up:

Update 27th November 2019

We're very happy to announce today new ways to redeem your rewards for referring family and friends to Pure Planet.
This includes donating to charities.
Check it out here.
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I would like to see it scrapped too. Pure Planet stands head and shoulders above any other provider. It doesn’t need such an incentive to draw custom in IMO. It will get the custom based on its ethos alone.
I was quiet taken back to find out that you reward your community with Amazon gift cards if they recommend a friend. This company exploits it workers in its conditions and pay. It has increased the amount of delivery vehicles on the road, pays little tax and uses more plastic to wrap its goods in for the consumer to try and dispose off. I could go on. For a company you says it is green, choosing Amazon goes against the grain a little.
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I'm all positive at the moment but just received my voucher for referring mum! Brilliant
I too have referred someone on. They joined in March last year. Neither of us has received the goodies or emails. I did contact you via wattbot before Christmas but have had no reply.
Hi @Garth
Sorry to hear that. We did have an issue with one of our suppliers recently, which affected their stock of vouchers.
If you DM me the name/address of the person you referred, and also your referral code, I can pass it on to our Member services team to take a look. 🆙
Hi Marc

While the team are working on the alternatives to Amazon vouchers, I think you should also consider a qualifying period before the rewards are given. At the moment with no exit fee, there is nothing to stop people switching away again as soon as they receive their rewards

Thanks for that suggestion @Duppy
Yep it's something we're looking at. For instance if we decide to offer credit to accounts that would also be more interesting to people who plan to stick around 🆙
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Plus there’s now an Amazon referral thread set up by Marc at top, Woz, for all this type of stuff! 🙄👎
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hi Dallclan
I must admit I wasn't aware that referees (as opposed to referrers) appeared in the app. Perhaps someone else will confirm if they are supposed to?
I always assumed that the row of heads was just a pretty graphic! (actually not that pretty)
Is there some text somewhere to say that will happen?

You should both get your voucher(s) a day or 2 after the referee has switched.
If you don't head off to help in the app, 'message the team' and give all details.
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hi energy2018
I've sent you a DM (direct message little envelpe top right)
For those reading this and making assumptions, it does not contain my referral code.
hi guys - i m looking to join pure planet but i dont have anyone to refer to me to get amazon vouchers. do you know if anyone who is not a pure planet client yet can refer me to them?
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yep, thanks.
Plus there’s now an Amazon referral thread set up by Marc at top, Woz, for all this type of stuff! ������������
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hi Dave, you said

As a new customer, (subject to opting out in the next 10 days),that used a referral link and have the screenshot, what guarantee is there that my Amazon voucher code will be emailed "up to two days after your switch date."? There has been no mention of it in any of your emails so far.
Not sure if I've properly read your post but I'll answer anyway.

If you opened the app with the referral in most cases it will track.
If the question is what guarantee is there that the referral process will work, the answer is no guarantee.
If the question really was how do I know PP will honour it (I guessed that's what you really meant but I could be wrong), well if you have all the details and it looks genuine they will (and you've been answered as to what steps you need to take).

Also ask the referrer whether they got an email, that's always a good sign that things are on track.
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Sorry, I believe you cannot refer yourself.
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@Bev I'm just too polite and not feeling grumpy tonight 🆒
Yes I did receive mine after a month after my friend joined

I had to contact support because I hadn’t received my amazon vouchers for switching and from referring 2 friends. This was sorted and I was send the codes.

I have had another friend compete his move and is shown competed but still no email.

I have contacted support again but have not received a reply.

I am starting to feel that there is an issue with the sending of the codes.

Would be great if someone could look into this for me.
Many thanks!
Hi, a friend recommended me Pure Planet and I'd like to make sure he gets his reward. It took me a few months to complete the swicth process, as we were away travelling, but I think it would be fair to him 🙂
Hi @Ayan
Welcome to the community, and nice one for recommending Pure Planet to a friend.
Did your friend follow your referral link to the joining stage? If they did and have agreed to switch to Pure Planet, you'll both get your Amazon vouchers on your friend's switch date, not before.
Here's a link to more info about the Amazon voucher scheme in our Knowledge Hub.
Does that help? Always happy to keep chatting here.
Hi @DearChicago
Welcome to the community!
Our Member services team can look into this for you, if you contact them via WattBot chat.
The info they'll need: Your friend's name and address, and the their unique Amazon sharing code
Hi @Bookwormlouise
Welcome to the community!
This thread explains how to use the Amazon voucher referrals
Does that help?
Happy to keep chatting here
Hi @GEvans91 @luketghutch
Welcome to the community!
Thanks for posting
As @woz says the best option here is to contact our Member services team.
To contact our team, head to Help in the app, open WattBot and type the words 'message the team’ and press the send button (like a paper aeroplane) to send it.
And you can then add more info as prompted.
It’s not a live-chat service but someone from the team will get back to you within two working days.

The info they'll from you includes:
Your name and full address and postcode. Your unique referral link
The full names and addresses of the people you've referred, and/or been referred by/

Also, just in case you didn't know, Amazon vouchers are sent about 24 hours after the switch date (the date you come on supply, or the person you've referred comes on supply)
I shared my refer a friend link with a friend who then went on to switch using my link but they don’t show up as a referral in my app? Can you track it somehow?

Hi @Dallclan
Welcome to the community!
Has your friend come on supply yet?
I'm still waiting and beginning to get rather irritated.

Hello @suebwlch
The vouchers are sent by email. If you haven't got them yet (and it's worth checking your email's 'spam' folder), you can contact our Member services team using WattBot in your app
OK I switched about 3rd Oct.still no voucher and I'm annoyed now. Having just spent 13 nights in hospital the last thing I need is chasing this up.

Hi @suebwlch
Sorry to hear about your hospital stay. Hope everything is OK.
I've moved your post to this thread as it has all the info on what to do