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I have also referred a family member who switched to Pure Planet over a month ago. I still haven't received my Amazon voucher.
Yes, @Marc @Jenam93
he shared the link wih me, that's how I started my first quote.
However, it did take me a few months to actually finish the switch (as I was travelling) so I am not sure if it is still trackable
Great, @Marc, thank you!
Hi Marc

Similarly, I've not received vouchers following a recommendation I made to a work colleague. He confirmed before Christmas that the switch had gone through.

If you're able to follow up as there is nothing in my junk mail relating to this.

Many thanks,

Thanks @Richie but whenever I try to use WattBot in the app, I never get any response. Is there any other way of pursuing this?
Tried to refer a friend, but always asked me to login when I already am. When I go to login it asks for me to press the link in a sent email. I have done this 5+ times and my account is verified then proceed to refer a friend again, where there is no link other than to login again.

Please help
Anyone care to share a referral link?
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Got 2 vouchers today, one for joining myself and another for referring a friend who also joined 🆙
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Did he recommend you as in literally telling you to go to Pure Planet? In which case that is not enough to gain the reward.

Or did he Refer you? Meaning he sent something to you which contained a link that you clicked to follow and sign up for PP? If this way then yes there should be the referral paid but both of you should be able to check using the App and the Refer Friends planet.
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It is easiest for your friend to check in his app. Select the Refer Friends.... planet, choose Check Status and then scroll down where it gives history of who he referred and whether successful, pending or unsuccessful.

However you should also get £25 voucher on sign up via a referral.....so did you get yours?
Has anyone on here actually received the Amazon voucher?
I joined early November, no voucher.
I have messaged PP - no response!
I feel your pain @Irina96. So much so that’s my name here.
Did you use the special phrase “message the team” when talking to Wattbot? That should mean a human will see your message and reply within a couple of days. Additionally, could you say what you see behind the Refer friends moon on the front page of the app? Check the Score card and tell us what you see...
I referred my mum back in July and she made the switch however neither of us have been sent the Amazon voucher.
We have both been on Wattbot to ask you to look into it (well over a week ago) and again neither of us has yet had a reply.
We have searched our emails for 'PurePlanet' in case we missed the original email with the voucher but the only emails that come up are the reminders to do meter readings and monthly statements.
Are you enjoying saving money on clean energy with Pure Planet? You can invite others to join PP and both of you will earn £25.

On the homepage of your account, tap on the 'Refer friends earn £25' moon, or choose 'Refer friends' from the main menu.

This opens a page which will allow you to share or copy your unique sharing code. You can send this to friends and family by email, SMS (text message), Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

If they switch, we’ll know it’s you who introduced them. And we’ll give you both £25 once they're on supply with us.

It’s not just the money they save or the rewards you both earn. There’s another really big difference this small step makes - every switch to Pure Planet saves on average 4 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.:raisinghands:


You can introduce as many friends as you like (please do!) and about two days after the friend switches their energy to Pure Planet, you’ll both earn a reward.

After the new member has finished their switch and we’ve collected the first payment, you'll be sent an email with the option to "get my reward". Just tap that and enter the email address or mobile number you'd like the reward to be sent to.

You can keep track of your rewards through our app or at purepla.net. There are some rules - the most important being to only introduce people you know. Please don’t share your code in a way that others might see as ‘spam’ or ‘junk mail’.

I was referred by a friend but I’ve not received my reward

Remember that your "get my reward" option is emailed to you up to two days after your switch date - that’s two days after the day you come on supply with Pure Planet.

If you don’t receive the email, open WattBot in your account, and type 'Where is my voucher'. Watt will take some info from you - your friend's name and address, and your friend's unique referral code. This info will then be handed to our team to check out.

Any questions? Let's chat about them in the replies. :up:

Update 27th November 2019

We're very happy to announce today new ways to redeem your rewards for referring family and friends to Pure Planet.
This includes donating to charities.
Check it out here.

Hi,its anyone who can advice me hiw to get my voucher?I’m with Pure Planet since october,and i still wait for my voucher.
i try to speak with someone,but always i speak with that robot and he says,i will receive an email in next days.
its anyone who can help me with a phone number,email ..or answer???