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Thanks for confirming Marc

I've not received anything as yet (checked my Spam folder) I'm assuming an error has occurred somewhere. What do I need to do to get it resolved?
Not much point in me referring people if there is no incentive for me...

Hi all,

I’ve just switched but I was not aske for the Amazon switch code I had from a friend. How do I retrospectively input the code?

This doesn't actually a seer the question - I have the same dilemma! Switched using the app expecting there to be a box to put the code in. From this answer it seems that nothing can be done. But it isn't obvious anywhere how to use the referral system, or am I being totally thick?
I got mum and dad to sign up just after me.Referal wasnt straight forward for an 86 year old, and showing her app kind of worked. Your records should show. Post code HA0 3SB.
I put a request in to swap to Pure Planet on the 11th October, my previous supplier put in an objection on the 12th October due to an outstanding balance. I phoned the previous supplier to clear the balance asap (Tues 16th October) and was told my objection was lifted.

I kept receiving email's from Pure Planet saying my swap was still in progress, Yesterday morning (Oct 19th) I received an e-mail at 08:33am to say my swap was still on track for October 28th. I then received another e-mail at 15:45 yesterday to say that my previous supplier is blocking my switch and I have had my switch cancelled and my account reset.

I have spoken to my previous supplier and they have advised all blocks/objections were lifted on the 16th, and even Pure Planet said on the morning of the 19th that my swap was still on track, so why receive another e-mail cancelling my switch at 15:45 the same day?

I joined via a referral link which would have entitled me to a £25 Amazon Voucher, I also swapped my neighbor the same day so I should have received a second £25 voucher for swapping him, and also what happens to his voucher as well as he is asking me?

Have all 3 vouchers been lost as a result of this glitch on Pure Planet's end?

Hopefully this can be resolved or I may need to re-consider joining Pure Planet.
I’ve had the same problem also!
My previous supplier blocked the switch.
I was able to refer 9 other people to Pure Planet!
I received an email from Pure
Planet today saying,
“We’re writing to let you know that your current energy supplier is blocking your gas switch to Pure Planet. They can’t tell us the reason for this, so we recommend you contact them as soon as possible to find out what’s going on.”

I just called British Gas twice asking why they blocked the switch. They have said that there’s no reason for them to and it’s Pure Planet who cancelled the switch.

This makes no sense.

I’ve now had the reregister with Pure Planet, loosing the time it’s taken to do the switch so far and loosing all my (9!!!) referrals.

Could anyone please shed some light on this?? It’s very frustrating.
Is there any garauntee it won’t be cancelled again??
And, is there any way I can claim back those referrals?

Thank you.
Hi, I forwarded the link sent to me by email to refer a friend but when I checked the link in the sent mail it said "Dione Murray thinks you'd like to join pure planet" instead of my name.
If my friend uses the link will I get the Amazon voucher or will Dione Murray get it?
Hi sevans.
Looks like you wont get that one. On your homepage of the app is a moon with refer a friend on it. That is your referral code which you send to friends and family.

Tried that but this is the code shown https://referme.to/xrGmRjo
When I type it into my pc browser it says Jason Milne thinks you'd like to join pure planet etc
Therefore I can't see how to get the correct code for me
I shared my refer a friend link with a friend who then went on to switch using my link but they don’t show up as a referral in my app? Can you track it somehow?
Hi @Dallclan
Welcome to the community!
Has your friend come on supply yet?

Hi, he started his switch on 12th October and his app said he would complete after 17 days (29th October).
The reason I ask is I had another friend use my link on 5th October and she is showing as ‘head 1 of 5’ in the app saying her switch is in pending.
My switch after clicking through a referral completed on 20th October but no sign of my voucher yet?
Thanks for your help.
Got my voucher for my switch completing on 20th 👍🏻
Now just to find out why my friend who used my link isn’t showing up?!
It's taken two days to join for various reasons and I've completed the boxes many times using an Amazon voucher, however, it doesn't seem to have worked. Can anyone help me to get my £25 voucher other than by cancelling and starting all over again?
I switched but no where to put code
hi guys - i m looking to join pure planet but i dont have anyone to refer to me to get amazon vouchers. do you know if anyone who is not a pure planet client yet can refer me to them?
I have completed the switching process but was not promoted to enter code for amazon voucher.
How can this be done now ?
As a new customer, (subject to opting out in the next 10 days),that used a referral link and have the screenshot, what guarantee is there that my Amazon voucher code will be emailed "up to two days after your switch date."? There has been no mention of it in any of your emails so far.
Hi Dave
Welcome to the PP community!

You've posted your question on a thread that says "Remember that your Amazon voucher code is emailed to you up to two days after your switch date - that’s two days after the day you come on supply with Pure Planet.

If you don’t receive the email, please contact our Member services team via WattBot in your app."

So far my experience of PP has been that they do what they say, and sort it out if there's a problem!

Hope that helps!

Yes I know what is in this thread. Had you read my post properly you would have seen that I quoted part of it!
Your response does not answer my question.
Hi, I have just signed up, and was going to do so for my other 4 properties I manage however I can't seem to refer myself for the vouchers? Can you please try and ensure your system allows this otherwise you will miss out on four more new accounts?
Can you post link to wattbott as can't find it and it's not linked in this thread from what I can see. Thanks
Can I please have a response re a link or navigate me to wattbot. Thanks
Just tried to refer my elderly mother.... again. The bot was still wirring an hour after I pressed the join button. Did it again... and again. I did drop a message that I thought it was broken. No reply. All seems a bit amateurish really.

- - - Updated - - -

Just tried yet again. Rejected the mob this time. Reentered it with 0044, again rejected. Used my mob, (yes, it’s the one I registered with, I have PoA), again rejected. Probably giving up now. Bit too much effort.
Wholeheartedly agree with you. I have worked as a delivery driver for Amazon and could write an essay on how unethical they are. I would prefer money off my bill instead of money to spend on something I probably don’t need, delivered to me in excess packing by a driver possibly paid below the minimum wage depending on whether they break the speed limit or not to deliver all their parcels on time.
I have just swiched but didn't follow my friend's referral link (thought it was a case of adding a code during the process) Is there any way to sort this out retrospectively?
Well, this is quite annoying...in the app, tap on 'refer friends get £25' but it just opens a web page that explains 'we want you to reward you and your friends' but no code or link to a code...all it says is 'please log into your app and tap Rewards to refer to friends'...and then the cycle begins again.
Any ideas appreciated

- - - Updated - - -

App homepage top right tap 3 bars.in dropdown menu select help then select wattbot.

That doesn't show on my app...