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I was introduced by Divij Desai and used referral link:

However I’ve not received my £35 voucher.

I was told i would be emailed 2 days after joining. How do I contact customer services to resolve this?

Welcome to the community!
I've added your post to this thread which has all the details of what to do

I had to contact support because I hadn’t received my amazon vouchers for switching and from referring 2 friends. This was sorted and I was send the codes.

I have had another friend compete his move and is shown competed but still no email.

I have contacted support again but have not received a reply.

I am starting to feel that there is an issue with the sending of the codes.

Would be great if someone could look into this for me.

Hi @Archetype486
I've added your post to this thread as it as all the info about what to do 🆙
Have you contacted our Member services team about this?
Hi @BRIANA555 @suebwlch @sooper8
I've just posted this thread in our service update section in the community about a delay in getting vouchers out to our Members.
I'll keep updating it so you're in the loop 🆙

I referred a friend recently and his £25 reward came through on 27th November. How much longer after him receiving his reward should I get mine, as I haven't received anything yet?


Should be at about the same time @Garth It usually comes 48 hours or so after you come on supply and the first payment is made
Mr Lee;19520:
I have also referred a family member who switched to Pure Planet over a month ago. I still haven't received my Amazon voucher.

Hi @Mr Lee
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Thanks for posting.
I have moved your post to a more relevant thread.
Have you seen this one? 🆙
Hi @jamner @Richie
There's more info about how to sort this earlier in this thread.
Our Member services team can look into this for you, if you contact them via WattBot in your app.
They will need to know your name, address, date you came on supply with Pure Planet, the name of the person who referred you (or who you've referred), as well as their address, including postcode, and their (or your) unique sharing code.
Thanks but whenever I try to use WattBot in the app, I never get any response. Is there any other way of pursuing this?

Hi @jamner
Send me the details by direct message (tap on the envelope in the top right) 🆙
You could try messaging @Richie but I don't think he'll be able to help you! I might be wrong there of course.... wouldn't be the first time 😮
Moo Shaw;20573:
Tried to refer a friend, but always asked me to login when I already am. When I go to login it asks for me to press the link in a sent email. I have done this 5+ times and my account is verified then proceed to refer a friend again, where there is no link other than to login again.

Please help

Hi @Moo Shaw
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Have you updated to the latest version of your Pure Planet app?
Hi @Nufin
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The voucher email may have gone into your spam/junk folder.
I've flagged this with our team and it looks like the voucher was sent late October.
If you can't find it, DM me some details (the person who referred you and their unique referral code) 🆙
Hi @milaia
Welcome to the community!
Did the reply from @Jenam93 help?
You'll need to have followed via a referral code from your friend 🆙
Yes, @Marc @Jenam93
he shared the link wih me, that's how I started my first quote.
However, it did take me a few months to actually finish the switch (as I was travelling) so I am not sure if it is still trackable

That's interesting @milaia
I'll be honest I don't know the answer off the top of my head 😕
But I'll find out for you! Roughly how much time elapsed between the referral and you completing the switch?
Good morning @milaia
There's no expiry on the referral codes.
I've asked our Member services team to look into this, and they can see a referral which was redeemed in December.
If it's your friend who's not had a £25 voucher through then he should message our Member services team via WattBot - sending them his unique code and the name of the person he referred (ie you!) and they'll be able to look into it for him.
Thanks to everyone who's been giving us feedback on our 'refer a friend' rewards.
We've now taken a pretty big step towards offering alternatives to Amazon vouchers. In our latest app release we've replaced our rewards 'platform' which will (very soon!) give us more options.
Keep the suggestions and feedback coming! It's much appreciated. :foldedhands:
Hi all
We're very happy to announce today new ways to redeem your rewards for referring family and friends to Pure Planet.
This includes donating to charities.
Check it out here.
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Don’t be sorry Gil! I’m still truly gobsmacked by this audacity 24 hours later! 😡👎👎👎👎👎
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hi luke
the community can't solve this one.
The referral issue as I understand it is that you've given your referral code to 9 people who you expect will sign up using your code, but your code is no longer extant.
Only PP can sort this out for you.
The common-sense approach would be to put your account on hold with it's referral code and a note, but I don't work for PP
The main reasons for failure to switch are debt, or that you have a complex meter arrangement, or a meter database anomaly due to change of meter. If I had to put money on it I'd say it was blocked by BG, but who knows...

Go to help in the app, ask wattbot type "message the team" and ask there. This is a complex issue, especially so the referrals.
(Also I think I'd be inclined to ask BG to confirm in writing that PP blocked the switch.)
Also T+C's here
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hi GE
See my reply to Luke here
Also T+C's here
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Semaine you make some valid points but there are counter arguments to be made (e.g. job creation, Amazon web services are committed to using renewable energy etc.)
I wrote what turned into an an essay in reply to this but decided not to send it. My reasons were that what starts as a very simple statement "Amazon are unethical because of ABC, turns into an extremely complex argument.

The simple answer for the moment is that those consumers who feel strongly about Amazon's ethical stance (or green stance if they perceive that to be unacceptable) are free to not use the referral system.

It's up to PP to balance the desire to build up their customer base against the evidential ethical standing of any incentive system they choose, and any other negative factors.

Personally I'd rather see the referral system scrapped, it sends out the wrong message in my opinion and it's in danger of turning into a Ponzi scheme.

I do hope common sense and good governance will prevail.

(disclaimer I use Amazon and I like 'free' money...but...)

I was quiet taken back to find out that you reward your community with Amazon gift cards if they recommend a friend. This company exploits it workers in its conditions and pay. It has increased the amount of delivery vehicles on the road, pays little tax and uses more plastic to wrap its goods in for the consumer to try and dispose off. I could go on. For a company you says it is green, choosing Amazon goes against the grain a little.
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hi Autumn
I'm a little unclear on what you mean. If you've signed up using a referral link from someone else who is already a PP customer, that should track and both of you will get your vouchers a couple of days after you go live (which should be 17 days after you started, look at the app).
If for any reason that doesn't happen keep all your evidence of when you got the referral, the name and email/ details etc. and someone from the team will look at it after you've switched in.

Or have I misunderstood?
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Well I learn something new every day...I didn't realise those heads did anything!
.... she is showing as ‘head 1 of 5’ in the app saying her switch is in pending.
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hi Suebwlch
If it's any consolation I'm permanently irritated and what's worse I have toothache as well (gum ache to be honest).

If you've properly used a referral you should get the voucher a day or two after the referred person goes live, or vice-versa i.e when you go live if you were referred.

If it doesn't happen go to help in the app, type 'message the team' and give as much evidence as you can, names, emails, codes etc, and someone from the team will look at it for you. It's not a live chat service it can take a couple of days to get a reply.
I hope your irritation clears up:D!
I'm still waiting and beginning to get rather irritated.
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try pasting your link into an incognito browser or send it to a family member using a different device and open it on that, it will probably show your name, there's a caching bug/issue which means it shows the referrer on the original device.
Does that solve it?
Tried that but this is the code shown https://referme.to/xrGmRjo
When I type it into my pc browser it says Jason Milne thinks you'd like to join pure planet etc
Therefore I can't see how to get the correct code for me
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hi Archetype
if you go to help in the app, type "message the team" with all the relevant details of codes, people etc.someone will get back to you, it can take 2 days or longer for a reply.
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£25 not £35 or is there something we don't know...

I was introduced by Divij Desai and used referral link:

However I’ve not received my £35 voucher.

I was told i would be emailed 2 days after joining. How do I contact customer services to resolve this?