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I am due to begin receiving energy from Pure Planet in 5 days time but have not been asked to submit a final reading from my old company

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Hi @shirleyt 

Welcome to the Pure Planet community! As this is a public forum, it's best not to show your email address, though as you've made it your community username, that could be tricky. I think it can be done, I'll try and find out how, and meantime see if your post can be removed.

I think the answer to your question is that your current supplier won't ask you for a reading. Pure Planet will, then that goes off into the system all suppliers use, and your final reading is then agreed and your current supplier sends you a final bill. It can take six weeks. Best to take a photo of your meters the day you switch…

Welcome to Pure Planet!


Just jumping in to note that I’ve tweaked your username slightly @shirleyt! Thanks for flagging @stephenrand :relaxed: