New Customer Meter Reading

  • 9 October 2020
  • 7 replies

Very frustrated with this at the moment. I switched over as of today and received an email a few days ago to provide my readings. The app does not give me an option to submit, all it asks is if I want to switch. The BOT is useless also! Used the computer to log into my account and its also not there. Very annoying as I would like to stay with this company but it seems hard to get any support whatsoever. 

7 replies

Hi @Oxley,

I think there was a glitch earlier today with the PP systems. Fancy trying again and seeing how you get on?

Good luck, let us know...

Hey @Oxley 

Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:

It may be worth double checking to make sure you’re logging in with the same email you used to start/ verify your switch? Let us know if that helps sort the issue! :fingers_crossed:

Good call @Nataly, you’re ideas sound more appropriate...

So frustrated as you send me email and yet when I try to submit or log on you say “we do not recognize your email”

I have emailed you and no response……...

Do you have more than email address @Leoni1169? I think the answer lies there.

You are a customer with one and not with the other. Or maybe one that is just unknown to PP?



Ok. Persist with the Wattbot. It’ll send your chat to the team after it figures out it can’t help. Or send Message the team to escape the machine. Replies from a human will take a day or two.