My switch to Pure Planet takes place tomorrow but I have not been asked for meter readings yet

  • 9 October 2019
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Hi ​ I have been emailed by Pure Planet this morning to confirm that my switch will be tomorrow (10th October). An earlier email on 1st October said I would be asked for meter readings in a week's time (i.e yesterday) but I haven't received this request. What should I do?

Best answer by Angelabikerbabe 9 October 2019, 10:53

Hi, I would send them your readings now.
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Hopefully you'll get your email today!

Post back here if you don't!

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Hi, I would send them your readings now.
Still haven't had a request for the readings from Pure Planet so have entered the readings anyway. A little disappointed that one of the steps in the switch as notified by Pure Planet didn't occur so am hoping for the best!
Thank you both Stephenrand and Angelabikerbabe for taking the trouble to reply.