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  • 16 October 2020
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I moved out of my property 6 months ago and only managed to rent it out recently. May I know which date shall I use to cancel my PP account? The date the tenants move in or the date I actually moved out? 


Many thanks. 

3 replies

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The answer is when you were no longer responsible for paying for the energy, that will be when your tenants moved in, if not and someone else was responsible you should have filled the moving out section of your account then.

I don’t know what recently means but you should do it immediately and before you do send a message to the team with the relevant dates. (use help and support, wattbot) If you are not using the app you should do it will enable further communication if you move out you’ll lose wattbot online but not in the app.

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Hope these FAQs help



The date your new tenant moves in.

@tomomasa I'd take a photo of the meter reading so you know the reading is accurate. 

Glad its rented out, houses (or your pockets) don't do well being empty.  

Good luck 👍