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  • 16 September 2021
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Hi i have a pp account in my current house (rental) and have just purchase my new house, I would like to find out about taking pp with me and also having the supply at both addresses at the same time on the fixed tariff which I signed up to around 7 months ago, I’d also like to avoid any late fees or charges. The new house is currently supplied by shell which is not a company I’d like to give my money too so want to get out that as quickly as possible. how should I proceed?


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hi @sam.astill 

hi sam

if you need to run both accounts at the same time you’ll need to use a separate email address for the second account

(many providers but not all allow a +something e.g. samastill+newhouse at which would deliver to your main email but look different to PP .

Or they give you secondary addresses)

You’d have to log out of one and into the other.

As for the incentive you get when moving out and switching to PP that only works if you use the same email so @Mads would have to advise your best course of action for that. (I suppose referring yourself might work but I’m not sure if that’s frowned upon)

thats really helpful, to be honest Im surprised theres actually no way to talk to PP to set up something and look at my account, i guess at the mo my best bet would be to set up the second account with a different provider and find whatever bonus/ rate I can get..

Hello @sam.astill 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!

Spot on advice from @woz here - if you need to run both accounts together you’ll need a different email address for the second account. If it’s not too long till you move you can wait and sign up your new property with the same email after submitting a move out to get your old account closed. 

There’s more on that here:

Either way we’ll waive exit fees for when you leave your current property, so long as you switch the new one. If you do do this under a different email just contact the team via WattBot once your new home is on supply to let them know, so they can refund the exit fees onto your new account. 

If you do set up a second account you can technically refer yourself for a £25 gift voucher reward (as @woz suggested). Or if you wait until you move to sign up your new home you’ll be able to get  £25 gift voucher reward as a thank you for signing up your new property (this is when you use the same email). The reward is the same in either scenario. 

I hope this helps!

great, thanks