meter readings

  • 15 October 2020
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I have just joined pure planet. when I look at the meter reading history I can see my opening has reading but not the electricity reading. also , my IHD  is not showing electricity readings on the screen.

1 reply

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hi @Garyt and welcome to the community.

give it a couple of days for the electric to show, they often don’t switch at the same time. Also look out for an email asking for a photo of the meter, (showing the serial) PP may want to make sure they have the correct meter. Don’t panic (yet)

The ihd depends on whether you have a smets2 meter and how quickly PP register it. I know that’s frustrating but your expectations should be that it might not work, - if it is going to work it certainly won’t work immediately anyway, so give it a week and if still not working you should send a message via help and support in app or online when logged in.