Landlord responsible for bill for 4 days

  • 30 September 2020
  • 1 reply

Your system is fine in theory but hopeless in practice. As a landlord I am responsible for the bill between tenancies even if there is no energy used and the gap is very short. Usually suppliers simply waive the bill, or just charge standing charge which should be a small figure for 4 days. I have had to join and since then have absolutely no idea what is happening, nothing has come from Pure Planet except radio silence. No ability to call, to email, to do anything, so will have to give up.

1 reply


Hi Nokka, 

You're talking to a fellow PP customer here but the chats are monitored by the terrific PP staff so I'm sure they will be in touch shortly. 

However    I wouldn't worry, 4 days will be an extremely low charge.  As long as you've taken a meter reading on day one and again on day 4 when you're new tenants moved in you'll only be charged for the energy used in that period.

Well done for supporting renewable energy 👏 

Best wishes