Is Anyone There,?

  • 10 January 2021
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I’ve been trying to open an account with these guys but have yet to make any kind of human contact.  It’s seems the entire company is run by bots and I’m yet to even receive an email saying my account set-up has been successful and I did this over a week ago.  Which leads me to want to cancel and immediately go with another supplier as I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone and that doesn’t bode well for future service issues. 

6 replies

Hi @Chantelle23, Welcome to a human community!

It sounds like your switch hasn’t gone through yet. Yes, the PP folk are disguised behind tech, but they do exist and come up for light and air occasionally.

What process have you been through already? I’m sure we can help kick it along...

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more details of how you switched would be helpful, but regarding the bot replies, if you use help and support (wattbot) in app, any instant replies are the bot, if you want a human reply from PP you have to persist until it says your message has been passed to the team. Replies then are not instant, 2 working days.

How did you join and have you had an email to verify your email/account? Did you complete that email?

You should see a countdown to your switch in your account when you log in.

Hi @Chantelle23 

Welcome to the community! 

Thanks for posting.

I’ve checked this out with our Member services team.

Jo from our team emailed you on 3 January abotu the info you gave when you joined. It looks like the meter details (for elec) you gave when signing up don’t match the meter details on the national database for your address.

Jo’s email asks you to confirm your meter serial number, and include a photo of your meter showing this number in your reply.

Perhaps the email Jo send went to your spam/promotions folder? Worth checking there. :thumbsup:

Hi @Marc,

Tangentially, is it worth your Member system sending a no-response reminder if a reply (asking for a response) has been overlooked?

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@25 quid 

Good point. From a grump perspective I think it’s far less infuriating to not know than to receive an auto mail saying we apologise for the delay in answering your query. 

Not quite sure if that’s what you meant since if an email has been overlooked then it’s been overlooked….or has it...


A slightly different tangent, but probably equally valid. Good to keep the punter informed...