How can I get Pure Planet to create a Reading Dispute?

I began my switch in August. I recieved my final bill from Eon in September. I had been unable to provide a reading at the correct time of transfer, so an estimated resding has been created. This is higher than my current reading 2 months later. As a result I was charged £182 by Eon in my final bill. Also, as it is so much lower PP will not accept my meter reading each month.

I have tried to contact PP, but not heard back. Thry need to contact Eon / create a reading dispute. How can I get them to do this. I did not realise they never spoke to people when I joined them. I am seriously starting to regret it. 

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Hi @K_fairy,

Normally a reading is agreed between the two suppliers (for gas and electric). So what you spent with E-On you will save with PP. You won’t pay twice.

Have a read of this to see if you want to try to adjust your switch figures.

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How far out are the numbers? There is a tolerance below which you can’t dispute, but as said usually the difference in £ is negligible and sometimes it’s even in your favour depending on the unit prices of each supplier when you switched.

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Our @woz

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Our @woz, I’m sensing you’re not reading the links I post… 😬😂

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are you refereeing?:eyes:

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Thanks for the help.

My actual reading today is still 1049 units lower than the estimated reading in August. What is the accepted level before they will act? I have read the links, and frankly, if it worked in my favour I wouldnt be bothered but I should have been in credit when I left my last supplier and was charged £182 extra instead. I also paid a month in advance with Pure, so have paid them £120 and now my monthly bill is going to be £20 more next month, based on my estimsted usage.


There is also the very annoying fact I am relying on the advice of friendly and knowlegable consumers rather than actually getting any joy with the company I am paying my money to. 

That sounds a big change that’s worth chasing up.

I suggest you use the ☰ menu in the app (or website) and Get Help & Support and Ask A Question. Then chat to the annoying WattBott. Once it figures out it can’t help, it will send your message to the team (until then, you will be left dangling with the bot). In fact you can short-circuit the bot conversation my typing the magic incantation Message the team.


From hence you will be able to enjoy the help of PP staff (might take a day or two) rather than hang out with us loons… 🤪🤣

Thank you I hsve used the magic words this time! Now just have to wait to see if I get a response.