First bill is different from the tarrif quoted

  • 4 March 2019
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I've just joined. I'm finding it difficult to find a way to speak to someone about my first bill which is wildly different from the tarrif quoted.

Can you help?

2 replies

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Hi Connolly,

Welcome to the community.

PP is an APP communicator offer and does not have a call centre.

Go to the APP, open help and utalise wattBot.
The bot answers questions, but to get a response from a team member you first type.."Message the Team"..response is not instant, but you will get a response within 2 days.

Just to add leading up to your switch you received a welcome email with welcome pack confirming tarrif which in theory matches your quote. Mind did, but I do not use switching sites.

Good luck and revert back for more member assistance and or provide some feed back
Hi @Connolly
Welcome to the community!
Thanks for posting.
FYI I've moved your post to its own thread.
Perhaps the community can help?
Do you mean your monthly Direct Debit? How is it different from the quote?