Economy 10/switching to Pure Planet

  • 12 January 2018
  • 1 reply


I am looking to Pure Planet for electricity (only, there is no gas supply) in our new home. I have been told that the house has "Economy 10" but can't find anything helpful about this, and so don't understand how to deal with it in relation to moving to a new supplier. All references are to Economy 7 but I am assured it's 10...

I have one meter reading for the last day the previous tenants were here, and I believe their provider was EDF. However, it looks as though the meter is a dual one so not clear on that either.

How do I go about sorting this out?


1 reply

Hi @Kate and welcome!

If you join up to Pure Planet, your Economy 10 meter will perform as a normal meter. When you join up, our app should register that you have an Economy 10 meter and ask you for day and night meter readings. I had the the same process when I joined up in April :)

Does that make sense?