2nd request for meter readings

  • 15 October 2020
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I switched to PP on 11 October, having submitted a set of meter readings and meter photo s.  Yesterday I got an email requesting meter readings, so I've sent them afresh. Is this unusual? If the first set didn't reach PP, why should the 2nd set get to them? Any idea how long it will be before I know for sure what PP understand my initial meter readings to be?  Thanks

3 replies

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Hi @Hezekiah 

Welcome to the Pure Planet community!

I think the answer to your question may depend on whether 11 October is the date you started your switch or completed your switch - there's 17 days between the two. Usually you get asked for readings just before the switch is completed, and then every month after that. Had you been asked for readings when you sent them the first time?

Your fellow customers here will be very happy to help get to the bottom of this. Post back with this extra info and we'll take it from there!


See if this link helps

Hi @Hezekiah 

Hmm, that sounds a bit odd. Unless @stephenrand is right and you’re talking about date of joining and date of switching?

But sending them twice won’t do any harm. Good idea to keep the photos safe, too, just in case there’s an opening reading dispute with your old supplier. :thumbsup:

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Thanks to you both ,@stephenrand and @Marc.

I'm happier now, as I can see my latest readings on PP.

For info, 11 October was my actual switch date (when PP started supply to me). I had been asked for readings, and had sent them previously, and apparently successfully as far as I was concerned. As you say, no harm in sending them once again, it just came as a surprise to be asked, and to realise that although I'd already done it, there was no way I could prove I had (because I had not kept any record of the date and time of the readings, and had done the photos through the PP interface rather than by storing a pic on my phone, and sending that to PP). 

All good now, I think, and I'll regard this as a minor blip. ..