You won't like this one because of the work involved...What the Butler Saw...

Idea Status: On Hold

Well if nothing else it got your attention (by the way for those who don't know it was the title of a play by Joe Orton)
What I really wanted to write in the subject line but couldn't fit in was "What you'll see when you open the app" in the faq section of the community;

..and how I'd like to see it is a mock up of the app exactly as it looks when it's on the device, with the same buttons working the same things, rather than just screenshots of the pages.
OK it's lot of dev work, but you are app based after all.
The problem is it will need recoding every time there is a significant app update, but once the code is written that shouldn't be too difficult.
Hi @woz

Good idea - I have something very similar to this in the new designs for the website
@Marc We could link from the community or create an FAQ?
Hi @woz
Have you seen the new website yet?
There's a section about the app which includes a simple walk-through.
So it's not an app 'mock-up' as such... but it does show and explain a lot of the key app how-to-do things that people might need.