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a bit late for this year, but surprised there are no posts or updates about it...

I think this is one of the lesser known benefits. However once PP hit X amount of customers then they are obligated to be part of the scheme. I would imagine its a costly exercise for the utility companies therefore smaller suppliers are not compelled to provide the service.
Before asking i have no idea the threshold for it becoming an obligation for PP to be part of the scheme.
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Here is a brief extract from THIS

Supplier roles and responsibilities
There are three types of participant in the WHD scheme: 1.7.

Compulsory Suppliers:1 A licensed electricity supplier is a compulsory supplier in a scheme year if the supplier, plus any connected2 licensed gas and electricity suppliers, had at least 250,000 domestic customers on 31 December preceding the start of that scheme year.

Voluntary Suppliers:3 A licensed electricity supplier that is not a compulsory supplier and notifies Ofgem E-Serve of its intention to be a voluntary supplier. Notifications should be submitted as part of the customer data notification described in Chapter 3. A voluntary supplier only has an obligation under the Core Group, and must comply with all aspects of the Core Group for the relevant scheme year.

Scheme Gas Suppliers (SGS): A licensed gas supplier is an SGS in a scheme year if it supplied domestic customers on 31 December preceding the start of the scheme year, and is connected to a licensed electricity supplier which is a compulsory supplier in that scheme year. A SGS can spend on behalf of a compulsory supplier for Industry Initiatives, but does not have an obligation of its own.

Hi @woz
This is great. Good to see it here.
There have been one or two questions about.
Our plan, currently, is to do what @Jon1 mentioned above, wait until we get to 250,000.
Not because we don't want to do is sooner, but because there's so much other stuff our Members are asking for.
We can't do it all now

Some late but v good news @woz @Jon1 

We’re now ready to offer warm home discount. It doesn’t happen until the winter, of course, but we’re now able to register our Members who want to apply for it.

We’ve built a new ‘mini bot’ as part of WattBot so take people’s details. 

This FAQ has all the info:relaxed:

That's wonderful news @Marc - I feel sure many more people will join, as it's of great value to a lot of people and has probably made them go elsewhere in the past.

Well done 👍👍👍👍👍