The Pure Planet Blog - should be more prominent

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Perhaps I'm missing something, but I've seen people say things like this before:

Hi Mark would prefer to find this out from Pure Planet with an official announcement before reading it on an email from moneysupermarket and martin lewis calling this the best new deal on the market !

To receive answers like this:

Hey @mikehealey
We have posted a couple of times on the Pure Planet blog πŸ™‚πŸ‘
There's also an email going to all existing Members that we have this fixed tariff now.

The existence of the Pure Planet Blog needs to made much more prominent - consider giving the blog it's own 'moon' in the app?

I don't even think I realised it was linked to at the bottom of the Community Homepage until I started this post.

Even on the homepage, it's not an easy find, requiring you to select 'more' and the pick it out.

For an organisation that prides itself on using 'apps' and 'technology' - I think that a number of things aren't 'obvious' to say the least.

Personally speaking, I would have expected a rather prominent 'announcement banner' for each new 'update' which remained visible until the member had made a deliberate choice to close it.

The 'blog' and 'Community' are the two methods Pure Planet

Anyway that's my tuppence worth's

Thank you for reading.

Kindest Regards


Hey @GwyndyΒ 

Just to let you know this is now being worked onΒ :relaxed:

The blog moon is due to to reappear on the app’s homescreen in the next few weeks!

It’s getting closer and closer nowβ€¦Β πŸ˜‰Β