Telling Members that a community post doesn't mean it's been resolved

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Is it unreasonable that once the community is "found" by someone who has an issue that needs solving, that they might think once they have posted their problem it will be actioned by PP staff and thus having posted their complaint/query they don't feel they need to go back to the community because they are expecting some sort of communication or fix from PP directly?

The upshot of this is that where someone has posted and gets replies from the community, but does not acknowledge the replies, PP can't assume that they haven't assumed the problem is going to be fixed. (in other words the customer may have assumed because they've posted, that the problem will be actioned by PP)
(That last sentence is a bit of a mind-duck but I can't make it clearer)

there needs to be a way to follow up questions and customers even when or especially when there have been lots of solutions posted, or responses posted but no response from the original poster.

Does that make sense?

Hey @woz
I'm not sure what your idea is!
Is it that new Members posting about an issue in the community need to be informed/notified that their post doesn't necessarily mean it has been resolved?

I want to amend the title of your post to reflect the idea itself.....
hi marc
it's not so much an idea more of a problem solving excercise.
I put a lot of thought (perhaps not enough or too much?) in trying to explain why customers who, by the time they've found the community may be forgiven for thinking that having posted the problem in the community, it will be picked up and actioned by PP.
That isn't the case, and if the poster does not acknowledge the replies, they may still be left with the problem.
I deliberately phrased it in the way I did but feel free to change it.

PP need some way to follow up...

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I can see where Woz is coming from, which is part of why I, and I guess several others, start posts in 'Community' with 'Hi we are your fellow members, not PP staff' - or something similar.

The problem as I see it is, and correct me if I'm wrong:

There's no way for Marc and Nataly to know a member's not followed up on a thread they've started - new posts/threads presumably show up as 'unchecked' in whatever you call ModCP - but threads which have been initially marked as 'approved' then not been followed up by the OP, or any other member don't?

Have the staff some way to 'follow' threads which are started until you know they have been resolved?

Is it possible to develop some sort of feedback form asking if the question has been answered and the problems rectified.

Implemented: New community has default notifications so a newbie knows when they’ve had an answer, and they can rate the answer - good, bad, neutral.