Specify a particular switch date

Idea Status: Under Consideration

There are quite a lot of people out there who are on fixed plans with a specific date on which that expires, and therefore associated exit fees if leaving early.

While a switch to PP takes about 17 days, it is not always exactly 17 days as far as I am aware.

So can you add a way for customers to give a specific (or minimum) switch date such that they can get the ball rolling on a switch to PP and not risk having to pay early exit fees from their current provider, and also not to be on that providers standard tariff for long after that date passes, as they are often expensive.
Hello @Jenam93,

An excellent idea, although it may not be within the gift of the new supplier as various formalities, such agreeing the final meter reading, have to be carried out involving third parties.

Let's hope PP can work through any obstacles as this would be a great improvement.

I have just responded to a post on this very topic!

Great shout @Jenam93
This sounds like something we'd like to try and do.
I've changed the idea status to 'Under consideration' as it'll need a decision from the people In Charge around here ;)
But I reckon they'll be up for it 🆙
Another great Idea!