One-time link should be restructured

The one-time link to verify switching if clicked on and not completed should be reset to allow it to activate or be resent  until it is completed. Perhaps to be on the safe side a message with a time-out period of say a few mins (e.g. your link is being reset/resent? please try again in a few minutes)

Failure to complete is causing much angst and a lot of wasted time for new joiners many of whom question or regret their switch when this fails, so it’s not a good start. The only plus side is that it drives some to the community, but sadly not just to introduce themselves. 


This was partially addressed on the last app update? I think

Ah, I wasn’t sure what you meant from this one, to be honest @woz 

Ah, I wasn’t sure what you meant from this one, to be honest @woz 

I presumed it was related to threads like these?

Thanks @Gwyndy ! :relaxed:

ohhh... I thought the suggestion was really clear, perhaps not…


Well it is, ish @woz :wink:

The issue is only affected MSE switchers I believe. 

I’ve flagged it with our tech team to see what can be done!

Hey guys 

Been chatting to the tech team about this. In short, there are already no timeouts on the verification links, and if they click the link on the email we send,  it will work at any stage.

What they sometimes do is attempt to login to PP before verifying the MSE link we send them. Doing this triggers a new verification link, and so the original link is expired. It has to be as it has a security token in it. 

I’m going to mark this as implemented. Cos it is!

I guess some people are in such a rush to join PP :wink:

We could look at somehow adding this info to the FAQ about joining from price comparison websites but I don’t want to overcomplicate it.

hi marc

Thanks for the explanation.

No probs at all @woz 

It was actually pretty useful info to know :slight_smile: