Moving house.

Idea Status: Implemented

A dedicated moving house button/tab.
Many people move house students especially. I think a button/tab dedicated to this service which when used collects the info needed to close current account and then collects as much info as possible to encourage the customer to switch their new property to PP.
Currently seems somewhat of a confusing hassle to close an acct which i feel can only discourage customers to switch any new property to PP.
if its part of the service to organise a seemless switch between properties then customer retension rates can only improve.
You beat me to it yet again!, I was just about to post a very similar idea.(honestly!)
My thoughts were only slightly different in that many who move want to sign up at the new address, and if so why can't their account stay open and allow for a switch at a later date into the new property. That way the customer would not have to wait until the original account is closed before they can apply for the new property. i.e both properties would form part of the same account at the same time.
In the case of a move the older property part of the account would eventually close and the customer could be given the option, if in credit of either a refund into the original bank account (or PP take the funds if that part of the acct is in debit) , or, if the same bank is used for the DD of new property, a transfer of any credit into the new property part of the account.
This segues in nicely with the idea of multiple accounts, but that's a longer discussion as is the multiple meter issue and PER FUEL membership fee.
Hi @woz and @Jon1

Yes, agree we need something pretty urgently on this. I'm looking into what we can do quickly. The ideal solution includes being able to manage multiple properties on your app. We haven't quite got to this yet as we have so much else going on, but it's not forgotten and will make move out a really slick experience.

In the meantime, we'll implement a few improvements to hopefully reduce frustration.

Hey @Jon1
Some good news! This is now being worked on :)
What we'll have is basically a 'data capture form' (sorry, I've just been in a meeting with our tech team) which can be deployed (sorry!) to the app.
A moving home section will have this form. The things we ask Members to send us in WattBot they'll be able to type into the form, it'll be sent to our Member services team 🆙
Hey @Jon1 @woz
Quick update on this. The 'data capture' form I mentioned above is looking good.
The plan is to get this into the app either in March or April. It'll mean Members who are moving in or out can provide all the detail without having to go via WattBot.
We're also planning that the moving in form will sit on the website.
Hi @Jon1 @woz
The moving home work is coming along nicely.
Thought I'd share a few screen grabs.

In the 'Account' section of the app there'll be a new button:

It will take you to a new screen which asks for the moving date:

Followed by a screen to find your new address:

Usual postcode look-up and tap to confirm street name and house number:

Green tick to confirm, followed by what happens next:

It's on schedule to 'go live' next month 🆙
Looks good
How long after the account is closed will the app cease to function?
Yes like the look of it. Will automated response happen to confirm the acct has been closed.
similar (but not necessarily great) minds and all that...
Yes like the look of it. Will automated response happen to confirm the acct has been closed.

Hey @woz @Jon1 - two great minds indeed! ⭕️o
Yep, once the form's been submitted, the Member gets an email to confirm.
Currently access to the account in the app is removed when the account is closed. That means once our team's processed a final bill (so about a day before the final bill arrives).

What we're looking into (further down the line) is using the same sort of functionality as managing multiple properties. So a Member will be able to (if they wish) create an account in the app for the property they've moving to, as well.
Hi guys
This moving out form is still progressing well.
We're looking to make this live w/c 15th April. I'll let you know closer to the time of course!