Move tariff details in the App (Possibly DD details too)?

Related products: Pure Planet app & website

Idea Status: Implemented

I tried to find the tariff details in the app. I thought the most logical place would be under Account but it's not there.

I wondered next if it were under Usage as that has ties to volume and maybe the thought was you could due a quick calc of your monthly costs, but nope.

Checked every where else and found it under Balance and Payments, but for me it does not fit in here.

I can, just about, get why DD Details is under Balance & Payments as it is related for sure.

However I think both Tariff and DD Details would sit better under Account so that section includes:
Contact details
Property Details
Tariff Details
DD Details
Contact Preferences
Priority Services Register

DD Details could stay where it was more easily.



Thanks @Jenam93 (aka Jon, although that could get a bit confusing, don't you reckon @Jon1 ?;))
We're looking into this 🆙
Hi @Jenam93
Top idea! It's now on the roadmap.
Nice one and thanks 🙂
Tariff information is now displayed under 'Tariff and usage' in PP accounts, much easier to identify now 👍

This also means that Payments and billing contains purely Direct Debit and statement info, which seems more intuitive too.

Great idea!