Meter reading date

Idea Status: Not For Us

This is prompted by a query in the community..

A button in the meter reading section of the app which when pressed allows a dialogue to pop up to enter meter readings taken on a previous date.
Reason? Because if you're busy or handling the account for someone else it just may not be convenient to submit immediately, or you're dashing out on your hols, whatever, you took the reading 4 days ago and it's not convenient or possible to get another.
I note that other companies have a date field, I think this is unnecessary, it should default to NOW, but "if you took the reading on another date click here"
This could also be applied to starting readings.
Hi @woz
Not sure about this one. Here's why:
It could mess up statements a lot. If someone sends a backlog of meter readings after their statement has gone out, it'll have to be rebilled. I'm picturing a world of confusion - people arguing they sent us four meter readings, why isn't it on their statement. :mad:

Also, with 2nd gen smart meters coming next year, there'll be no need in sending in manual meter readings.

I'd like to know what other Members think.
Hi @woz
Good idea, but not for us.
Smart meters - which is going to be our big focus in early 2019 - will transform the way meter readings are sent.