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Idea Status: Implemented

I perfectly understand that a balance has to be struck between trying to guide customers to a resolution which does not involve "time sucking" messages going to the team when the theory is that wattbot and the community can solve issues before the need to message the team is invoked, but it seems from what I read in the community that the balance is out of true.

Of course I can't see it from your end...but I think a revamp is required.

I asked a question I had an email to say there was a reply in wattbot, when I clicked on the link there was no reply there.
A day or so later I find two identical un-date-stamped replies, I don't know when they were sent.
(also they didn't quite answer the question I asked but that's for another day and not relevant to this post)

I'd like to start a thread on the ideas board for suggestions of how people would like to see wattbot and communications function (and strangulation of wattbot doesn't count before anyone suggests it)
I'll start with my thoughts.

After typing in a query, a response comes back with suggestions AND links to what wattbot thinks might be the answer, follow links and find answer- good (that'll cover maybe 10% of queries)
One of the suggestions will of course be to look in the community, with suggestions of where to look, but given that sometimes I can't even find my own previous posts by careful searching, and I have a fairly good idea of what I wrote that may solve another small percentage.

Bear in mind that people prefer the more human approach first, I may be wrong but given my experience of AI (I'll call it that but I'm not convinced wattbot learns) I'd much rather search in a community even via google than talk to a robot which I perceive as being limited and impersonal... but that's digressing from "but we are where we are...")

So..you come back to wattbot having done a half hearted search of the faq's (that's called the lazy human factor) and perhaps the community, wattbot knows you are back and asks whether you need more info on A,B,C(gives list) and an option "Do any of these topics cover your query? YES/NO, box
click on NO
would you like to send a message to the team? or Yes/No
type your message
Once you submit you get an immediate response back with a date and reference number.
Once the message has been read by a planeteer, a response needs to be returned asap (2 days?) whether or not the issue is solved, and in the case of queries which are going to take time to resolve this should be clearly explained in the reply (example:-we have your request to review your DD and we will review your account. This may take 10 days, or..we understand your bill is showing estimated readings we are waiting for verification this could take up to 2 weeks, we will let you know the outcome as soon as we have the figures or whatever..)
I sure brains much larger and cleverer than mine have pondered how this should work, but it isn't great now so maybe it needs a dose of "lazy human" common sense?
Hi @woz
Just a quick reply (before I roll up my sleeves and get right into it with you) to say thanks for posting this.
We know WattBot isn't yet doing what we promised.
What you've posted here is already really useful info. πŸ†™

I'd also love to hear others' experiences of using WattBot, and your thoughts.
Hi @Marc

At the risk of repeating myself...

I didn't realise this text had to be inserted into Wattbot if human intervention was required and only discovered the fact after reading some forum posts. It would be helpful if this was explained on the 'For help, ask Wattbot' screen. Also, it does resemble a chat session, which is also a bit misleading.

As I understand it, Wattbot serves two distinct functions:

1. A slightly more sophisticated way of searching a list of FAQs.

2. A way of getting the attention of the team.

It would be preferable to separate these two functions out and have a single, unambiguous way of contacting the team.

The fact that so many users end up appealing to @Marc through the forums to sort out their problems suggests that Wattbot isn't working as intended?

Perhaps this thread could be shifted to the 'Testing and feedback' thread?

Hi @woz @Lenny

Progress on WattBot is underway.
There's a new Watt surgeon in the house. Have you 'met' @Al O yet? He's just joined us and we did an intro to the community the other day.
To kick things off we're asking for your help in firing as many questions to Watt that you can think of (sensible questions, for now :p) and letting us know what he comes back with.
Here's a post in the 'testing and feedback' section which explains this a bit more.
Much more work/surgery to come.....
Hi @woz @Lenny @Jon1 @Scubaseahorse @Strutt G @Duppy @Jowl @Jenam93 @Gwyndy @Bev @stephenrand @Angelabikerbabe @MrSmart @Oakbank @David j @Gabolino

We're making progress with WattBot. Coming over the next few months will be a series of 'journeys' or 'mini-bots' which will guide Members through a series of steps, designed to get the necessary info from them, without them ever needing to message the team.
As you know, this is really important for our model of remaining competitive. Not wanting a call centre means we also don't want a 'message centre'.
We know that some people will need to message the team, because there are some queries that need a human to sort it!
But many can be handled by WattBot, as long as we make it easier for people to use it.

Some of you have previously offered to help train Watt.
If you're up for that, let me know and I'll send you a link in a DM to a website called 'Botmock'. This is where we can build and test these mini-bots before they're transferred to WattBot's brain.... This first mini-bot is about Amazon vouchers! The aim is to collate info from anyone coming into WattBot with the intention of finding out where their Amazon vouchers are.

A few things to mention:
1. I've purposely not shared the link testing here, and we need your feedback to be sent privately. You can either use the 'Botmock' feedback form at the end of testing, which is a bit fiddly, or send me your feedback as a DM. This is done to avoid one person's feedback affecting another. A 'group' feedback skews results.
2. At the moment 'Botmock' is desktop only.
3. Botmock is not a way of testing design. It's a prototype of the steps, of the journey. As such, it doesn't show WattBot or have any of the design styling.

Hope that makes sense? If it doesn't I'm sure you'll let me know!! ;))
Im getting a list of random questions together as im writing this post, so feel free to count me in.
Count me in Marc
The word β€œdesktop” putting me off a tad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The word β€œdesktop” putting me off a tad

Yep, I hear you @Bev
We're talking to the people at BotMock on getting a mobile version, and they're in agreement that it would be good πŸ†™
Hey great πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘, thanks Marc! πŸ˜‰
Yep, I hear you @Bev
We're talking to the people at BotMock on getting a mobile version, and they're in agreement that it would be good πŸ†™

I agree with Bev about the desktop, will it work on "desktop site" on mobile Chrome as a workaround, my laptop hardly gets used anymore as it takes forever to start up
It might do @Duppy
I've just tried it on mobile, and actually it's not too bad. I think it'll be fine on iPad @Bev
I'll send you guys links
Thanks for helping out πŸ†™
Sounds good to me @Marc !
Im in - anyway I can help. Let me kow the link and I'll do what I can @Marc
Count me in Marc - if I can make an effective contribution , I will.
Hello @Marc - happy to give it a whirl!
hi marc
​If it's available as a page you can log into online (e.g. Bev on her ipad) surely it should be mobile/ipad compliant anyway as most web pages are these days?
(Don't call me Shirley...)
Oh ...late edit...forgot to say happy to help (just like the badge in supermarkets, but do they really mean it?!)
Yep, I hear you @Bev
We're talking to the people at BotMock on getting a mobile version, and they're in agreement that it would be good πŸ†™

If it's not too late, I'm happy to contribute.
If it's not too late, I'm happy to contribute.

Hey @Oakbank
Not too late, I'll DM you in a sec.
Good to have you back on dry land, and with such good news to share too! 😃
Happy to help!
Hi @Marc,

Count me in. Should be interesting
Thanks @Gabolino @Scubaseahorse
Sending you a DM shortly.

(yeah, yeah, don't call me shortly, I know πŸ˜‚)