Include the time of a post (not just the date)

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I find it frustrating not to be able to see when posts were made. If you hover over the e.g. 3 hours ago, you can see the date but not the time.

Just include the time in that date popup please.

Hi @25 quid This somehow slipped in and I hadn’t noticed! 

Hmm, I can’t imagine this will be too much a problem. Just wondering if anyone else agrees it would be useful? I mean so techies can prioritise a bit :slight_smile:

I’m very quiet in my slipping… 

Except when I get grumpy when I can’t see how close together two older posts were. Then I stomp.

Much needed.


I still find it annoying to have the oldest post coming up first and not the latest. Perhaps there could be a settings option for a member.

Rich, when you open Latest Posts each time you visit, click on NEW

As said before, it takes you straight to the newest post....…


Just click on the x minutes ago link to jump to the end, or y new to jump to the first unseen. But I think we’ve had this discussion before eh? 😉 


Just seen we clashed on that @Bev 😉 

No worries, both helpful hopefully, our Notelets 👍😉

Seeing “new” is new to me. I have just checked in Latest Posts and there are many there I have not seen before because I have not logged in but “new” is not there to be seen. It does not appear either in While you were Away. If I click on the time of the latest post it takes me to the end of the post for that subject then you have to remember what the original subject was. If it would you to just under the original post the relevance is more apparent. Except of course we all go off piste all the time!

Your first sentence got me confused @G4RHL, is new there or not? Had you had a drink? 😉 

I tend to open in tabs and can see the original topic there, but yes if I open too many it is hard to see the original subject.

My example from Latest Posts


Get reading your 17 new 21 day challenge posts our Notes hee 😳👍🤣

@25 quid I see no “new”. Have just checked latest posts and While you were away. There are posts there that have been added since I last looked but none are marked “new”. Plus in this section it is not even possible to choose oldest or newest first.

Post a screen print Rich

@Bev  I had to scroll right to the end of this section to get your message.


Go to your profile, and settings Rich. Just realised it’s there……


@Bev Thanks, that looks like the answer.

Great Rich, it’ll make life soooo much easier now hopefully! Gosh no wonder it’s been frustrating for you.