Improvement to sign up process, meter numbers in welcome pack or later

Idea Status: Not For Us

Maybe I've missed this, I couldn't find any documentation pre-joining which included a way to check my meter numbers. (I may have missed an email?, that's perfectly possible.)
Many won't check even if this is changed but that's not a reason not to change it.
Screw ups (or is it screws-ups) are still going to happen but at least PP will be able to say we sent you the information to check (not trying to blame the customer, just saying..)
Also see post HERE
Hi @woz
We're checking this out. Interesting idea to include meter numbers in the welcome pack, although we don't always have these confirmed in time, so may not be possible
Hi @woz
Good idea, but not possible. We rarely get these confirmed in time.
The welcome pack is sent out 24 hours after the switch.
So it's not for us.
What a pity.