How about a Q&A session with Lightsource BP?

Status: Implemented

​Hello @Marc and @Pedal, The recent trip to the solar facility was very enlightening, due in no small part to the knowledgeable Lightsource BP staff in attendance. For the benefit of those unable to attend, how about holding a Q&A session with them along the lines of the one you held at the beginning of this year with Chris Alliot?
Nice idea @Lenny
I'm going to run this past the Lightsource BP peeps, see if they're up for it. I'm sure they will be 😮
Btinternet oh yes lenny i do like that idea. Great suggestion
Hi @Lenny @Jon1
An update.
Unfortunately Lightsource, while v happy to help, would prefer to stay behind the scenes. They're happy to help with any questions which come up, which is good news.
So @Pedal is volunteering to be the face of a community Q&A about solar power.

Does that sound like it will work for members?
That's good news - thanks go to Phil (@Pedal)
Good morning @Lenny
Quick heads-up that the community Q&A is now live.
Thanks again for suggesting this one. 😮