💡 - Fellow members question

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The Spotlight feature has always been a really big hit, especially now so many members enjoy partaking in the questions, to allow other members to get to know more about them 👍👏.

I was thinking maybe a “Fellow community members question” could be added, whereby Marc or Nat randomly DM a member asking if they’d like to put together a question for Mr ABC, who is taking part in this months Spotlight 💡? They can ask anything they like, and submit it to Marc Nat for approval; it might be energy related or totally random. Just to mix it up a bit. Just an idea, like 🤷‍♀️
Hey @Bev

This is an interesting idea! What kinds of questions would you ask? 😁

Would that be included in the main post, or in the replies section?

I guess it could get a bit tricky if people don't see their messages in time to submit their question - an alternative could be a choice of, say 2 or 3?, 'bonus' questions that each Spotlight member can choose between to answer as an extra at the end? 🤔
Yeah perfect Nat, perfect. You DM three random members asking them to suggest a question for the person in the Spotlight. Then you can just pick the one you’d like to use 👍👏 OR as you say, print all and the Spotlighter chooses one to answer.