FAQ about how payment plans work

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“A friend” (with a family doing a lot of home working) has had an account review saying: 

We’ve reviewed your account. We need to increase your monthly payments and set up a temporary payment plan to clear your balance


It’s interesting that this suggests an increase, plus an extra increase for 6 months. Seems slightly confusing. Why not just promise a review again in six months (with maybe reduced payments)?

Anyway, I hadn’t seen this discussed anywhere like: 

So I thought it’d be good to put the info and explanation out there...

Hi @25 quid 

Generally speaking the aim with 6-monthly account reviews is to make sure Members have the correct underlying payment schedule (Direct Debit) ASAP. That’s to get Direct Debits as accurate as possible to their actual usage, without needing to rely on an account review in future. 

A payment plan would be added on top to clear the backlog in some cases - there are many possible outcomes though, especially when Members ‘query’ their review. Often Members instead choose to clear the backlog in a one-off payment, or shorten/lengthen the payment plan.

There are quite a few possible account review outcomes - we could look at adding those in to the ‘review my Direct Debit’ FAQ if you think Members would find it helpful? 

Outcome 1 - increase to Direct Debit, no payment plan
Outcome 2 - increase to Direct Debit, temporary payment plan 
Outcome 3 - decrease to Direct Debit, refund… etc. 

Thanks for the clarification @Nataly. I guess my point was that in 6 months things might or might not have gone as expected and another review would mop up any further changes.

Overall, it’s a broad as it’s long and I see you’ve got some thought through business rules that should work out well. Transparency in the FAQs can only help.