Change to the referral link malarkey...

Idea Status: Implemented

I have an idea...The referral link system seems to create a lot of uncertainty and confusion as to whether it's worked.
(I also believe it's open to abuse and is paid too quickly, bearing in mind that most other cashback and referral systems don't pay out immediately, and for good reason.)

The process of starting the quote with a link should generate an extra line in the quote which details that the quote has come from a referral link, and when that isn't the case the line should simply not be there.
That way, when someone has used a link they will know it's attached to their quote, and if they accept the quote and switch it follows through.
For those that haven't used a link, I don't believe it's advantageous for pp to prompt them to do so (that's an opinion and a whole new discussion) and they won't be prompted to do so because the line just won't be there.
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