Carbon Offset Projects Selection

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For a while, I have been using an app called OneTonne, from a Swedish energy company which also delivered renewables and 100% carbon offset energy, to estimate my carbon footprint. The app allows you to estimate your carbon footprint from the energy you use, but also from other activities, such as transportation, shopping, diet, etc. So, my idea is 3-fold:

  1. Allow users to estimate their overall carbon footprint similar to how OneTonne does it. This could also bring into the community more people which would like a simple Carbon Footprint Estimator, and it might also convince them to switch ;-)
  2. Have a selection of carbon offset projects which people can invest in, giving details about the projects and their impact on the local communities where they are based, similar to how the UN does it:
  3. Give people the chance to select between one or more carbon offset projects - they can get a free allowance of carbon offset to spend, based on the energy they use, plus, they can pay a bit extra to offset the rest of their global carbon footprint, which is a win-win, as they offset their carbon easily and you can charge a small fee for processing the transaction (either flat or % based). 

That all sounds interesting @AndreiRoibu I may have a look at that site

Very interesting idea @AndreiRoibu :slight_smile:

Thank you for suggesting it! 

It could also be a place for our Members to share any local carbon-offsetting projects they’re involved with?