Addition to exit fee information shown in usage and tariff

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At the moment, the information about exit fees reads,

 We'll remind you nearer the time that your contract is coming to an end, and what your options are. If you switch away or move home before  insert date, we'll add an exit fee of £30.00 per fuel to your final bill.

I believe you should add that if you rejoin PP in your new home, the exit fees will be refunded

Hi @Duppy 

Just to double check something. The bit you’re asking is added is about the refund?

Hi @Marc 

Yes, the addition of the refund of exit fees will entice them ( if they need it ) to rejoin PP at their new home.

Saying that, my son had just moved home, he has just transferred his account including credit to his new home on the day of his move, he just needs to give final/ start readings. It's much simpler and maybe something PP should consider

Hi @Duppy 

Just a quick update. Our team’s still looking into this.

We’re not 100% sure that adding this info to the main Tariff & Usage page is the best place for it. We want to be clear that there is an exit fee for ending a fixed tariff early, and it’s not like someone is going to not move house because of their energy supplier’s exit fee.

The refund info does appear in the moving section when you start the move-out process.

Does that make sense?

We are looking into other places in the app/web where we could talk about this more, though.