Add a 'what have you missed' notification?

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Idea Status: Implemented

Perhaps this is already here, and I can't see it.

I just wondered whether it would be useful to have a notification when you log in like this:

'There have been .... new threads, and .... new posts since you last logged in' - and links to them?

That way, particularly for those of us who like to help, we might find out who has issues?

I suspect that for most members however, this would not be a bonus, although of course the could just ignore/dismiss it.

Just a thought, perhaps, I'm the only one who goes 'now what have I missed?'



Hi Gwyndy,
it already exists or something similar
Hey @Gwyndy
I've updated the status of this idea to "We're Looking Into It" as it forms part of the work of moving to a new community platform.
Hey @Gwyndy

Just to give a further update on this, with the move to the new platform the main dropdown has the option "while you were away".

If you click that, it'll show you all the activity (up to the last 30 days) since you last logged in 👍

Would that cover it, do you think?
Love that bugger! 🙀👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏