Ability to attach various flavours of files in Direct Messages?

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The ability to attach various file types in direct messages would be useful for everyone.

As a starter I’d suggest, pdf, jpg, png , xls, xlsx, doc, docx, and perhaps size restricted 20mb? short movie files (mp4 or mov or both). 

(no real need for txt as that can be copied and pasted )

Also hyperlinks and image button would be a useful addition (as we have in the community)

If image button it could negate pdf, jpg, png or just co-exist

I’m thinking if a customer wanted to pass on info to the team via admin and I can’t understand why it’s so restricted now? 

Workaround for links @woz 

Description text

Make sure you paste the URL you want to link to into a plain text editor first though

Looking into this @woz  :thumbsup:

I think the reason files can’t be attached is about security, rather than technology or functionality. As malware is easily hidden in attachments.

But I shall see what can be done!

DM’s are private, so any human intervention in DM’s due to malware alerts would conflict with privacy ...so I’m thinking human intervention doesn’t sit well. I’d argue that anyone sending malware either intentionally or not should simply receive a message to say the DM has been auto deleted and why. (thus privacy is respected) Tough if it’s a false alert, annoying but for the greater good…

ramble over, happy if you can do it, the issue being that I don’t want to be in a position where I ask a member for their private email because for example I want to send them a spreadsheet, one which I don’t want to post in the community (yet) for example, so there is an example of a  use case.