A (prominent) FAQ on how to read the ACTUAL PP smart meter?

Idea status: Implemented

I searched but I couldn't find it, is there one? If there is it isn't easy to find.
Hey @woz
An FAQ on how to use your new PP smart meter?
Yes, it's here. It's at the top of our FAQs' smart meters section.
Didn't you look at it the other day and spot a typo in the PDF?!
That's not what I'm asking. I'm asking about the meter not the IHD, there is no prominent guide on how to read the meter.
​Given that you are asking members to send in meter readings it doesn't seem an unreasonable request.
Hey @woz
There is a guide, but you're right, it's not prominent enough.
It's on page 6 of the PDF guide:

What I'll do is add it to the actual FAQ.
Top idea! Thanks for raising this one.🆙
Thank you Marc!🆙