A dedicated FAQ with IHD error codes please?

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Can we have a dedicated FAQ (not a thread you can reply to) with IHD error codes please?

It could also contain  information and suggestions.

Hi @woz 

We’re thinking we could combine a community FAQ with special WattBot ‘minibot’.

Some of the error codes are a case of ‘switch off and on again’. Others need intervention from our smart meters team.

So we’re thinking the FAQ plus WattBot approach would mean members could also enter the error code into WattBot so that if it’s the type of error that needs our smart meter team to force a factory reset, they’ll get an alert to do so.

Hey @woz 

An update on this one. Our IHD troubleshooting FAQ has been updated with a list of error/status codes.

Check it our here.

This is a first step in improving support for Members. Step two is building a series of ‘minibots’ in WattBot so that you simply type in the status code, and Watt will reply with the steps to take, and/or pass it on to someone in our Smart meter team. We’ll have something to test in about two weeks :thumbsup:

Happy to say that our IHD troubleshooting guide now has new chatbot journeys for each status code.

This is going to make life a lot easier for Members to fix IHDs who aren’t playing nice.

For some of the issues, WattBot can give the steps Members can take to fix it there and then. For others it’s a combination of things which can be done at home, plus a few steps for our smart meters team to take.

Nice one @woz for suggesting this one.